The Davis Men's Community Talk & Drum Circle is a monthly gathering that is held on the second Wednesday of each month, at the Davis Community Church, Davis, CA., (412 C Street),(no affiliation),  from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. All men 18 years and older are welcome and there is no charge to attend thesemonthly events. We are celebrating our 7th year of service. 

The Davis Community Talk Circles are a unique monthly experience for men of Davis. The Talk Circles are planned by a Committee consisting of four men, some who have been doing men's work for over thirty years. The Talk Circles allows men who have never done men's work to gather and just observe / not talk, until they feel ready! As it is not a men's group, but a structured and safe gathering, affording men to sit with other men and share that which holds meaning and value. We know there is great wisdom when men of different generations and their wondergul different perspectives sit together, as there is much we learn from one another.

It is in our honest talk, our deep sharing that our wounds of isolation and our held back fears, can and must be healed. It is time to move from our boy psychology into mature male psychology. It is time for mature men to pick-up their staff, called Elderhood, as we need more than ever our Elder's perspectives and gentle wisdom. But we cannot do it alone! It is only within our communal gathering, our togetherness, can such important healing find it's salve, it's medicine. The Talk Cirles can lead us into knowing our deeper masculinity, which embraces our tenderness, wholeness, wisdom and creativity. Men's deep longings for friendship is well known, and these monthly "Circles" afford men the opportunities to make new important life connections. As we talk and feel safe we get to be heard, we are witnessed; as one man said, with tears in his voice, "I never felt so empowered in my entire life, until my words were heard and witnessed by my brothers." It is here men often discover that they are not alone, that other men too, have been holding similar feelings as well. As we come to see and know ourselves, and name our feelings, a shift into new possibilities opens-up and new choices become available.

We recognize in the Talk Circles, the emence value of poetry (the language of the heart), as an important inspiration and spiritual teacher. Poets are regarded as some of our Elders. As Antonio Machado has asked: "...what have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?" Here we can harness the wisdom of the Elder-poets, who hold-up the mirror to us, to help us see into those dark areas that hold the real boons of life.

Many men have found viewing our Facebook page helpful, (on Facebook: search under "Davis Community Men's Talk Circle").

The Davis Community Men's Talk Circles welcomes all men!

For questions regarding this project, please call: (530) 758-2794.

Andy Riffel, John Poirier,  David Hafter, MFT, & Gregory Guss, LCSW.   - Planning Committee.