The poster for the first meeting.

This page is mostly historic, since the name has been chosen by vote. See Davis Makerspace. (...or, why not move this content to the name Davis Makerspace..?)

The Davis Community Workshop is a new community organization aiming to create a hackerspace in Davis.

Generally, the space would be an open community lab incorporating elements of a machine shop, workshop, and studio, where people can come together to share resources and knowledge to make things.

Specifically, what the space will have depends on the interest of those who get involved. So please get involved!

Until there is a fully-functioning hackerspace in operation, here are places that you can get your hacker fix on right now:

  • Bike Forth for working on your bike
  • Craft Center for most of the stuff you might want to do in a hackerspace
  • Technocultural Studies Building (formerly the Art Annex) - has a soldering/electronics lab. Technically you're supposed to be affiliated with UC Davis, but the Technocultural Studies Club can help you work in the lab if you can work when they're there.
  • The Domes workshop/shed - what are the rules for using it? What resources do they have?
  • Bike Garage (students/faculty only)
  • Not yet completed: The Inventor's Workshop, created by Larry Fisher


There is a Google group mailing list for announcements and discussion: Davis Community Workshop Google Group. Without using a google account, you can sign up by sending mail to

There is a wiki page here for discussion of the Goals and Projects for the space. Please contribute to the page!

There is Facebook group open to anyone: Hackerspace of Davis


Places we can meet:

  • Places with workshop set-ups:
    • Bike Forth
  • Places without a workshop set-up:
    • The Food Co-op
    • N Street Cohousing
    • Libraries
    • Outdoor spaces: Parks, etc.
    • Explorit science center1
    • The Domes yurt? The Tri-Co-ops?

Reoccurring meetings

Meetings take place the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 7:00pm, at Bike Forth.

Initial meet up

The first meet up happened on Wednesday, May 9, 7:30 pm at Bistro 33 at the outdoor patio. It was a fairly informal affair to gauge interest and plan a more regular meeting time and place. About 30 interested and interesting people came to talk of their backgrounds and projects and ideas for a space.

The poster used for the first meeting: dcw-poster.pdf

Complementary Organizations

Some other local people/organizations that do similar things


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1. The Davis Astronomy Club and LUGOD meet here; Explorit requests either a nominal fee or doing some service for them in return, which could help with outreach/provide a source for projects to do