630 Cantrill Dr. Davis, CA 95618
Mon-Friday 10:00AM-6:00PM  
Saturday- Sunday Closed
(530) 231-5835

Note: (khanh Pham left Davis Computer August 1, 2014)

Davis Computer is licensed by the city of Davis and has a BEAR license from the State of California to repair electronics. All technicians have at least the basic A+ certification or equivalent experience for computer repair. They are one of the lowest-priced places to repair your computer.

Davis Computer sells computers (desktop, laptop, servers and custom), computer components, software, services and accessories. Their main business is computer service and small business support. The rates range $45hr - $75hr or $75 for scheduled service to $150 for emergency service. They carry the largest selections of cables in Davis. If you need a VGA cable or wireless cards, then this is the place to go.

Davis Computer services out-of-warranty Apple computers and all PCs, servers, and printers. They are authorized for HP, Sony, IBM, Toshiba, Linksys, Logitech, and more. They do not service Apple computers still under warranty — the closest place is the Apple Store at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento.


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2014-01-11 21:52:40   Total Khan artist! Fast talking, even admits to lying, blames you for his not keeping his commitment. Does not have the slightest idea what he's talking about. You can be sure that "Victoria D," above, is really Khan, the owner. Rip off, big time! Told me not to trust the one who finally DID fix for almost nothing, while Khan failed on every front and left me worse off than before I brought the computer in. Way worse off. I am lucky he didn't lose too much of my data. Kept the computer for hours and never helped me. Other online service, Norton, fixed it for $100, while Khan ripped me off for $450 and wouldn't reimburse me. I'm ashamed to have had anything to do with this Khan artist. If I hadn't been desperate, I wouldn't have been taken in. The guy is ruthless. Says he's studying Law. Yep, to be an even bigger shark!



2015-02-04 10:02:21   Just as a note to the comment made on 2014-01-11 21:52:40. This is Khanh. I am no longer affiliated with Davis Computer or have been since 2013. I have no idea about what this person is talking about. Evan has taken over the company known as Davis computer. The comment is so general and I was no loner a part of the company. Almost all of our Virus and Spyware removals were set at 2 hours of labor. $150 for this service. This person mentioned that I was in law school. This is correct. So how did I work on the computer. Hmmmm. This comment just does not make any sense. If I did in-fact do something wrong I would have made it right. And for the record I am not Victoria D. The guys running the wiki can research this and confirm it. I rarely get on to look anymore since I am no longer affiliated to Davis since the end of 2013. 2014 Evan took over the name of the company. Maybe the person was mistaking me for Evan. Sorry if you had a bad experience at Davis Computer in 2014. Maybe if I was running it still you might not have had this problem. I can not attest to something that i was not involved in. —Khanh

2015-02-06 12:51:38   Khahn - Please refrain from lying. You were still VERY involved with Davis Computer through nearly all of 2014. There are still to this day aspects of the company which you have not relinquished fully or of which you have retained full control (the website www.davis-computer.com , for example). There is no doubt that the customer, Skywords, is talking about your behavior, and your behavior alone. Evan is doing his best to keep Davis Computer running and keep all of Davis Computer's customers happy despite your meddling and defamation, and surely, anyone who has had a problem with his work would have mentioned his name, not yours. —cwalker

2016-05-26 19:09:17   I have received services from Davis Computer from both Evan and Khan for the past few years since my former IT technician, Andy Alexander, passed away. I found that both Khan and Evan are very knowledgeable in different elements of IT and each are able to resolve my technical issues. Each has their own work and communication style, but since I am a small business owner (that does not talk techie talk) I find it easier to explain any technical issues I am having with Evan in layman terms. He is able to translate my layman description to a technical solution without making me feel too inadequate for not being able to resolve it on my own. Available support resources for small businesses are limited, so I am glad to hear that the business is in full operation once again. Kathleen Grace —KAGrace