This page is for archiving comments from 2009 for Davis Computer Doctor.

2009-07-25 15:52:57   I had a computer problem and called Computer Doctor, such great service and so reasonable, i would recommend them as the best fastest service in town. Julie —Julie782

I also had a computer problem and Computer Doctor fixed it right away as it was my router and my internet speed was terrible. I was able to e-mail him several times afterwards about related items we discussed when he was in my home. I would recommend him highly. He was also very reasonable in fee. Bill E—("users/beichert")

2009-08-10 18:56:26   Our laptop caught a virus and was suddenly running very slowly. Of course it was just when we needed it the most. We called the Computer Doctor and got great, prompt, reasonable service with total satisfaction. In only hours Jamie us back on line, with a healthy & speedy laptop. His competition couldn't get to us until the next week and he charged us just over half what they would have charged for a diagnosis. We highly recommend the Computer Doctor. Chuck —ChuckD

2009-10-02 11:34:54   Davis Computer Doctor is the best, they fixed my computer very quickly, they are so helpful, and answered many questions, and their fee was not too expensive. I would highly recommend them. David —DavidRome

2009-10-23 09:27:20   Our family computer was going very slow, right when an important school assignment was due for our daughter, we called Davis Computer Doctor, and Jamie came right over within the hour, our computer was cleaned and fixed and is so much better now. Thank you very much Davis Computer Doctor for your quick service. We highly recommend this company. Michael —MichaelSilver

2009-10-25 21:01:20   HIGHLY recommended. Goes the extra mile to make sure your computer is fixed, and fixed right. He helped us the same day we called and billed us less than I expected. I especially appreciated how easy Jamie was to deal with. He's obviously knowledgeable, but still respectful - no trace of arrogance. Only does PCs but can refer Mac owners to another good guy. DavisDad —DavisDad

2009-11-24 12:50:47   Davis Computer Doctor saved all my files, and for a small fee got our computer running, actually it was just $35 to repair my computer. Jamie was able to do magic on our computer, and he spent extra time talking to me on the phone, and i never felt rushed or that my questions were not important. I highly recommend this company. It was Sunday night at 9pm when I was having problems, and by 10am Monday morning it was fixed and I could do my work!! Magic —Joshchanin

2009-12-02 11:59:38   Great service. My computer died right before an important paper was due, late at night, and Jamie was able to recover my paper fast for a reasonable fee. —skix88