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The Davis Computer Science Club (DCSC) organizes and connects UC Davis students interested in the field of computer science. We cultivate the professional development of our members and augment their education with practical skills and projects, as well as provide a fun and supportive community.


Interested in Giving a Talk?

If you are a student or professor who wishes to give a talk, please contact Samuel Lin (current VP of external affairs) at Past talks by students include lectures on Python and git. Grad students have come to talk about their experiences surrounding graduate school, and professors sometimes come to talk to students about their research.


Game Development

Committee Meeting Dates: Contact current chair - Conrad Fay.

Workshop Dates: Friday @ 6:00 p.m.

Pragmatic Programming

Pragmatic means practical. Our committee focuses on empowering students with workshops and sessions that cover specific topics, challenges, and technologies. In the past, Pragmatic Programming holds weekly sessions which cover 2-3 challenges or topics to focus on. However, in Spring 2014, we focused on projects which span multiple weeks and the process to develop complex software.

Sessions: Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.

Professional Development

Committee Meeting Dates: Contact current chair - Jackie Zhang


Our committee is focused on helping students succeed in their classes. We support students through office hours, emails, and review sessions. If you're interested into becoming a tutor, contact the current chair or vice-chair.

Committee Meeting Dates: Wednesday @ 2:00 p.m. 

Web Development

Focused on developing new features for the Davis Computer Science Club's website that will benefit our members. We also help members learn about web development and be caught up to speed into developing their own website. Our primary framework is Django. 

Committee Meeting Dates: Contact current chair - Alberto Salazar

Workshop Dates: Saturdays

Officer Board

2014 - 2015 Officer Board
Timothy Tong President
Yvone Chau Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Samuel Lin Vice-President of External Affairs
Jacob Brownlee Treasurer
Betty Leung Secretary
Iris Chan Deputy Secretary; Social Chair
Pouneh Aghababazadeh Events Coordinator
Joanne Arboleda Marketing Director
Conrad Fay Game Development Committee Chair
Russell Miller Pragmatic Programming Committee Chair
Shyam Pinnipati Pragmatic Programming Committee Vice-Chair
Jackie Zhang Professional Development Committee Chair
Felix Borovikov Professional Development Committee Vice-Chair
Raymond Chan Tutoring Committee Chair
Michael (Ming-Hung) Lu Tutoring Committee Vice-Chair
Alberto Salazar Web Development Committee Chair
Kelvin Lu Web Development Committee Vice-Chair


2013 - 2014 Officer Board
Alex Poms President (Fall 2013)
So Choi Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Charlyn Gonda

Vice-President of External Affairs (Fall 2013)

President (Winter 2014 - Spring 2014)

Andrew Yi Treasurer
Stefan Peterson Secretary
Romer Ibo Events Coordinator
Calvin Li Public Relations
Conrad Fay Game Development Committee Chair (Spring 2014)
Aria Sabeti

Pragmatic Programming Committee Chair

Betty Leung Pragmatic Programming Committee Vice-Chair
Kevin Liu Professional Development Chair
Jackie Zhang Professional Development Vice-Chair (Winter 2014 - Spring 2014)
Rajan Singh Tutoring Committee Chair (Fall 2013 - Winter 2014)
Judy Fong Tutoring Committee Vice-Chair
Raymond Chan Tutoring Committee Chair (Spring 2014)


2012 - 2013 Officer Board
Rajan Singh President
So Choi Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Trevor Adams

Vice-President of External Affairs

Engineering Joint Council (EJC) Representative

Shun Yu Treasurer
Alex Poms Secretary
Sonia Kandah Events Coordinator
Jay (Jatin) Sharma

Public Relations

Engineering Joint Council (EJC) Representative

Bryan Maass Pragmatic Programming Committee Chair
Charles Wood-Henderson

Pragmatic Programming Committee Vice-Chair

Andrew Yi Professional Development Chair
Gowtham Vijayaragavan Tutoring Committee Chair
Michael Seydel Web Development Committee Chair
Nikolay Voronchikhin Web Development Committee Vice-Chair


Some companies that have visited in the past include: Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Accenture, Google, Klicknation,, TiVo, Workday, Lockheed Martin, FLUID, CBS Interactive, Agilent Technologies.

CS Club built the Computer Science and Engineering section of the Engineering department's picnic day float many years ago. It consisted of a paperclip and a penguin inside a small boxing ring, a wacky joke regarding the Microsoft/Linux rivalry. The club's picnic day efforts also used to included a "Street Smarts" game show (whatever that was), but nowadays cool projects are shown off. In Picnic day 2011 for example, the popular iPhone app UCD Mobile was shown off.


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I agree with ct here, but would hate to get a ChrisMcKenzie vs. Computer Science Club going, because that sounds like an awful waste of my time. And shame on you for putting cts comment under editorial review. —ChristopherMcKenzie

2006-05-01 19:18:31   Would I be correct in saying that current students may need to get over the past? CS Clubs can be quite beneficial, and I am aware with the difficulty in managing one. —JustinCummins

2007-07-28 17:53:21   so there isn't an ACM club on campus? —atwong

2008-03-21 15:42:44   I'm not affiliated with UC Davis, but interested to meet students who's interested or part of ACM ICPC. —Lego

2008-04-13 11:24:05   Contact Professor Filkov if you're interested in the ACM programming contest. I'm planning on joining next year and am planning on announcing it at the CS Club —SebastianNg

2008-08-28 09:45:07   Sebastian, thanks ... I think it's great to practice together on ACM ICPC contests. If there's a get together to discuss problems, please kindly let me know. —Lego

2008-10-18 15:59:20   Sorry... haven't checked this entry in a while, but Professor Filkov is currently reviewing with people on Friday from 3-4:30 at Kemper 1131. The contest will be in mid-November. —SebastianNg