2006 DCCF Grant Recipients The Davis Cooperative Community Fund (DCCF) was created with initial and ongoing contributions from the Davis Food Co-op (DFC) and the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF), as well as from local Davis community members.

The DCCF is one of 21 Cooperative Community Funds operating throughout the USA as a local giving arm of the host food co-op. All of the CCF's are sponsored by the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. Each of the CCF's act as endowments.

As of 2007, the DCCF has over $73,000 in its fund. The interest earned on the endowment is made available to the DCCF to donate to local nonprofit and cooperatives.

You can apply

In Spring each year, a committee appointed by the Davis Food Co-op reviews applications and makes awards.

2014 grant applications are currently being accepted! Deadline: 5 PM on Friday, April 4, 2014.


  • Organizations interested in applying for awards from the Fund must meet a few requirements, such 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service, or incorporation as a cooperative.
  • Davis-based organizations will be given preference.
  • Non-partisan and secular activities will be given preference.
  • Requests for funds for reusable, renewable, or otherwise sustainable purchases or activities will be given preference.

More information & link to application

APPLY NOW Read the Application, write a one-page description of your project, and get them both to the Co-op by Friday, April 4th at 5 PM. DON'T be late!

You can donate

You can help the Community Fund grow!

DCCF is funded by local dollars from donations from Davis community members. The money is invested in socially responsible funds, and the interest is given back to the community through annual grants to community groups.

DCCF has been giving small, meaningful grants to local organizations since 1999 (see below for complete list). Grants are available to even very small groups, and the application is easy enough that even all-volunteer groups can submit successful applications.

Members of the community are encouraged to make tax deductible donations to the DCCF. Some years, the Davis Food C-op matches the donation made to the Community Fund up to $5,000.

More information

Go to both http://davisfood.coop/sustainability/communityfund and http://www.community.coop for further information about the local DCCF or other Cooperative Community Funds in other cities.

The endowment of almost 2 million dollars held in the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation is almost 100% invested in cooperative development organizations, cooperative banks, credit unions, Organic Valley and Equal Exchange.

Past Grant Recipients

1999 DCCF Grant Recipients The Davis Cooperative Community Fund has been giving small grants to local organizations since 1999. Check out the past awardees, organized by grant year.