800 Cowell Blvd
Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 4pm-7pm
Sat 9am-1pm
Closed Friday afternoons and Saturdays in summer

Davis Diamonds Gymnastics "provides quality gymnastics instruction to the community. We give every participant positive experiences in a safe environment. We give to the community through the Diamond Research Center, a non-profit scientific foundation, educating teachers and coaches and increasing the scientific knowledge of gymnastics and physical education. Davis Diamond Gymnastics is a USA Gymnastics member and affiliated club."

Davis Diamonds offers classes for pre-schoolers, recreational and competive gymnastics through level 10, cheerleading, birthday parties, day camps when school is not in session, open gym, and Parents' Night Out. Davis Diamonds accepts students of all ages and abilities, including children with disabilities. Davis Diamonds is rare among gymnastics gyms in that they allow adults to train, and even compete, with their team.


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2010-11-10 00:05:00   This place was a MAJOR disappointment!!! I have 2 year old twin boys, and they could not even be bothered learning their names. They repeatedly referred to one of my little boys as "that one." They also referred to my husband as either "the father" or by the wrong name. They run their business as a business. They are completely about the bottom line. They do not care about children. The facility is dirty. The lack of supervision is very unsafe ,and the amount of teaching that my children received from the teacher was minimal. In addition, the owner refused to call me to discuss my concerns. As a local pediatrician and as a mother I highly recommend looking elsewhere. —JacquelineEvans

2011-03-17 14:12:25   Excellent facility with fantastic instruction. My girls love it - and they've been doing gymnastics competitively for almost 5 years.


2011-09-15 11:07:04   My 2 daughters love going to Davis Diamonds. I'd guess they've been at it for 4 and 5 years now, so we know the facility, the people and the procedures. They have regular classes, demonstrations, parent's night out, and obviously competitive programs. I like the coaches, including the owners who are deeply involved in their business. The building itself is not fantastic (and they've been looking into moving to another facility) but it doesn't bother the kids at all. My girls always love going to gymnastics and it is nice having a place in Davis they can go easily after school. —kihyoplee

2012-12-05 13:05:48   I have a great time taking my two-year-old daughter here, and she has a great time as well. The coaches seem to really care that the kids get something from the time they spend there. To be honest, the facility is not exactly state-of-the-art, and appears a little dirty. However, they are currently in the process of moving to a new one in South Davis they tell me, which will be much better at meeting the expectations of Davis residents. —BrianPakpour