Love 'em or hate 'em, Davis Drivers are an unusual breed that make driving in Davis an experience.

Some go slow. Some go fast.

They suck because:

  • Nobody seems to pay attention to the traffic signal. Seriously. Almost every time the driver in front of me would sit at a green light for ten seconds.
  • They slow down to nearly a complete stop before making a turn.
  • They're soft. They let bikers get away with running stop signs and crap instead of running them over, jumping out of the car, and yelling "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!" at the bleeding ex-cyclist.
  • And when they do hit you, they panic and ask if you're okay and call an ambulance instead of letting natural selection take its course. Way to keep the gene pool weak, you hippies.
  • They use Highway 113 as a surface road, and drive the same speed as they would on a surface road. The speed limit is 65, not 35, jackass!
  • They put too many bumper stickers on their cars. Screw you, coexisting is for the weak.
  • They're great at going the wrong way in single-direction aisles in parking lots.
  • They almost manage to drive right down the dead center of any street that doesn't have a center line.
  • Many drive those electric or hybrid vehicles that are too quiet to be safe.
  • They come to a stop on turns which GIVE THEM A WHOLE LANE TO THEMSELVES before making them merge
  • They don't look for motorcycles or scooters and therefore frequently violate right-of-way.

They're awesome because:

Davis Driver Conversations

On rare occasions it’s possible to communicate with a Davis driver by means other than thought projection or yelling.

  • Dozer was minding his own business driving his vehicle one day, when he came across a Davis driver who had outrageously run a stop sign. He was “shocked”. After a while he came to post a negative comment on the wiki. You see, the Davis driver had the name of the company on his vehicle. Dozer was hot.

    The manager of the company saw the comment and was on it. He replied.

    The magic of the wiki was starting to calm the troubled waters. Still "shocked", Dozerresponded.

    Memory of the "incident" had started to return. It could be explained.