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On the set of 'Deathless'

Davis Filmmaking Society (DFS) is a student club designed to foster filmmaking talent and aspiration at UC Davis. Through workshops, movie making, and sharing skills, members help each other grow as artists in the multifaceted art of film. Every form of art can be included in the process and every role is unique and pivotal to the success of a film. At DFS we value writers, producers, directors, crew, editors, and everyone else behind the camera just as much as the actor who too often get all the credit. Every talent is welcome and everyone is welcome.

Our official meetings consist of workshops, socials, and screening of DFS short films.

Recognizing that many members possess little to no filmmaking experience, DFS is committed not only to being the best social experience for filmmakers but an educational one as well. DFS seasons are designed to be "rapid-fire." Films are made fast and cheaply between classes with the express purpose of those involved with the film to learn from the process. Dealing with actors, crafting a creative vision between the writer, director, and editor. All critical skills of the film industry.


On the set of 'The Hall Monitor'

The structure of DFS is designed with rapid-fire filmmaking in mind. Recognizing the financial and logistical limitations of low-budget filmmaking, each quarter of UC Davis is divided into 2-3 seasons. A season is simply two to three weeks for the production of a set of short films. Each season has its own theme or limitations; one season may include horror films, while the next might impose certain limitations or parameters on the script or filmmaking process such as a movie with just one actor. At the start of each season, DFS performs a census of the club, recording each member onto a ledger along with their preferred role. Individuals can mark themselves as directors, writers, actors, or producers, and the officers of the club organize every member into the different groups of the season.

It is the responsibility of each group to create their film by the season deadline. The end of each season culminates with a screening of each completed film.

Between each season screening, DFS holds educational workshops about filmmaking techniques and socials to give a chance for every member to meet.

In addition to season episodes, DFS also produces a larger-scale, quarter-long production. A script contest is held to decide the script for the next quarter production. Anyone, including non-members, can audition for cast and crew positions. These short films premiere at the end of the quarter.


Membership is not required to attend socials, workshops, screenings, or general meetings.

There is no membership fee so just show up and participate and you're in!


Separate from the normal club productions, DFS also provides quality videography, photography, promotional, and creative services through the Marketing Department. Please e-mail us for additional information about our services. Here are samples of our work. Humans Vs Zombies Promo & Music Video Sample  (Demo reel coming soon)


The Marketing Department was started by Michael Wheelock in November of 2014 to help raise money for DFS, provide services outside of the club, and to help promote DFS as an up and coming on-campus organization. The department's members go through a selective hiring process so quality work is ensured.

So far, the Marketing Department has been hired for jobs such as KickStarter campaign videos, music videos, event photography and filming (including weddings!), event promotional videos, and club/organization promotional videos. We even do creative screenwriting for promotional videos!

Please e-mail us if you have any business inquiries or any additional information about our services.


Long ago in time, where even today's seniors were but the twinkle in the glistening ink of college applications, there was a club on campus called Filmmakers' Ambitions. For whatever reasons, the club dissolved, and a single member of that fine institution was left to recall it. His name was Asa Daniel Fullwood, and he was resolved to see a filmmaking club on campus once again. For nearly 3 years, Davis was dead, cinematographically speaking, until Daniel met with Kiko Romero and Alex Yeghiazarian and began to talk in earnest of reviving the club. Soon enough, the paperwork was filed and the Davis Filmmaking Society was officially registered until a chance e-mail from a freshman.

There had already been a film club for 4 months, one entirely comprised of freshmen. Dubbing themselves CineagAddgies, the freshman film group agreed to merge with the seniors, strengthening DFS and adding the talents of Alex Lee, Martin Yao, Annie Nguyen, and Kaitlyn Griggs.


Season 1 Season 2 Horror Season 3 Action Season 4 Parody Season 5 Summer Break Season 6 One Actor Season 7 Horror Season 8 Minute to Win It Season 9 Mockumentary Season 10 RomanceSeason 11 Improv

For more information visit the '13-'14 Season Rotor.

March 31 - April 21 2014

DFS Seasons 2013-2014
  Dates Theme
Season One
Feb 24-March 10 2014 One Location, Two Actors
Season Two
Season Three
, 2014, 21 - May 12 2014 Action
Season Four
May 12 - June 2 2014 Parody
Season Five
June 2 - October 6 2014 Summer Break



For more information visit the '14-'15 Season Rotor.

DFS Seasons 2014-2015
  Dates Theme
Season Six
October 6 - October 20 2014 One Actor
Season Seven
October 27-November 17 2014Add a caption

Season Eight
November 24-December 8 2014 Minute to Win It
Season Nine
December 12 - January 26 2015 Mockumentary
Season Ten
January 5 - February 9 2015 Season of Love
Season Eleven
February 9 - March 2 2015 Improv
Season Twelve
TBA 2015 TBA




DFS Awards Night

In honor of our first executive producer, Asa Daniel Fullwood, the first ever DFS Awards Night was named the Fullwoods. Awards were given for the Best Director, Best Film, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Most Valued Crewmember based on one DFS short film from seasons one to three. Additional awards were also given including Best Chemistry. The Best Film of 2014 was awarded to The Hall Monitor.

Click here to check out the winners!



  • Greystone APT.235
    • UCD Asian American Association Filmfest (AAAFF) Best Film Award 2014 ✩
    • UCD Asian Filmfest (AAAFF) Audience Choice Award 2014 ✩
  • Deathless
    • UCD Asian American Association Filmfest (AAAFF) Popular Choice Award 2014 ✩
    • UCD Filmfest (UCDFF) Best Music Award 2014 ✩

Old DFS Cabinet Officers for the 2016-2017 school year

  • President: Anita Yu
  • Publicity Director: Pari Sagafi
  • Treasurer: James Olivier
  • Executive Producer: Kasra Afzali
  • Marketing Director: Daniel Nagey
  • Event Coordinator: Deesha Tank & Mariah Fallon
  • Graphic Design Chair: Micaela Ideker
  • Website and Newsletter Manager: Tiffany Liu


Current DFS Cabinet Officers for the 2023-2024 school year

  • President: Alec Gossage
  • Vice President: Ryley Saki
  • Treasurer: Miranda Comstock
  • Executive Producer: Cruz Martinez
  • Event Coordinator: Jacob Cotero
  • Outreach Coordinator: William Egry
  • Associate Publicist: Lucy Wang
  • Best Boy: Louden Nidy


Past Presidents

  • 2013-2014 Alex Lee & Alex Yeghiazarian
  • 2014-2015 Alex Lee
  • 2015-2016 Martin Yao
  • 2017-2020: ????
  • 2020-2021 Owen Wilson
  • 2021-2022 Sophie Martinez

Positions and Duties

For detailed information, visit the Davis Filmmaking Society Constitution.


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