946 Olive Drive , Davis, CA 95616 (Third Space Art Collective)
Third Sunday of Every Month
11:00am - 3:00pm
January, 2012

The Davis Flea Market is open on the THIRD SUNDAY of the month, except for December. It is located at Third Space Art Collective, 946 Olive Drive. It's a once-monthly affair that brings together members of the community in the spirit of commerce and camaraderie. It is a not-for-profit-driven social enterprise, promoting sustainability and opportunity. Each month, residents of Davis are invited to apply for a stand at the market where they can sell antiques, vintage stuff, used books, compact disks, furniture, clothing, knick knacks, toys, arts and crafts and electronics. It's a great way to divert your clutter from the landfill and into the hands of new owners!

The Davis Flea Market is a place for students, families and professionals, where you can hone your haggling skills, drink hot chocolate, meet friends and listen to live music. It’s like the Farmer’s Market, but for those of us who produce more clutter than cantaloupe.

Apply for a Vendor Booth



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2012-01-06 02:55:51   where does the flea market meet? —StevenDaubert

  • I would like to know too. Sounds cool:) — jsbmeb
  • Just added address info! Sorry for leaving that out before... —NicholasBarry

2012-01-31 07:36:45   Big success! Those who weren't there missed out. —NicholasBarry

2012-02-02 11:06:52   I was blown away by the first Davis Flea Market. In the spirit of full disclosure I happen to know one of the directors, but anyone in attendance could confirm how great the event was, bringing so many like-minded-folks together in the spirit of community! Adding live music and a DJ was brilliant, and other decorative touches gave the market a retro/indie feel; when I used to think 'flea market,' I would imagine rows of boring tables in an empty parking lot, but the Davis Flea Market was classy, well organized, and inspiring. —DavidSachs

2012-02-26 18:39:13   Went to the flea market today. Very nice. Thanks for everyone making it happen. Please keep it local, no out of area generic flea market vendors and please turn the music down so that people can hold a normal conversation. Not everyone cares for DJ music. —JimStewart