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Davis Healthcare Center, formerly Sierra Health Care Center, is a rehab-focused Medicare/Medical skilled nursing center that has a mix of younger and older patients/residents. The facility is owned by Horizon West HealthCare, Inc., which owns 29 centers in California and several in Utah, and is located at 4020 Sierra College Blvd. #190, Rocklin, CA 95677. The Horizon West corporate office can be contacted at (916) 624-6230 or toll free (800) 660-6230. The direct line to the Davis facility is (530) 756-4900.

Sierra Health Care Center accepts Medi-Cal recipients, which means that they legally can not deny admittance to a patient who may potentially require long-term care. Some centers may attempt to deny such patients, as the bed taken by a long-term care patient is not as profitable as one taken by a patient requiring short-term rehabilitation.

On several days throughout September of 2011, a lone protester was spotted in front of the building. She held a sign which claimed that the facility is unsafe. The sign briefly stated that staff members have a history of falling asleep at night when they are supposed to be alert for resident emergencies. The Davis Enterprise later identified the protester as Bonnie Eisner. She is a former employee claiming she was fired after complaining to management and a union representative about issues with staffing and the work environment. (9-26-11 Enterprise)

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.


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