Citrus Circuits is a group of students at Davis High School who build robots. Our most visible project around town is their RoboChair, This years robot is named Lemon Squeeze (Juice Master 1678). Our main sponsor is Schilling Robotics.

For more robots in town, see the FIRST Robotics Competition.


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Do you want to build a robot?! Just wait a year after you see this and hope that Jan (now retired) sponsors the robotics club. hahahahaha classic —StevenDaubert

2007-01-24 10:36:34   we are currently building a robot for FIRST, but Jan was the club supporter, now it is Steve Harvy —DevinCastellucci

2007-01-28 17:57:55   Yeah I figured, the robotics club was always a standing joke in 03' with the tag line of "Do you want to build a robot" they finally got it formed and competing in what, 04 or 05? —StevenDaubert

2007-01-28 18:42:06   it was offically formed in 2004, and the club competed in the 2005 FIRST Robotics Competition, we meet thursdays after school —DevinCastellucci

2007-10-06 21:41:25   Hey guys, i need something to put on the flyers, got any ideas? —JessicaKobold

2007-10-06 21:43:24   And no sarcasm unless you're actually going to contribute. I would love to here it, but not if I end up getting nothing done because of it. —JessicaKobold

2007-10-06 21:44:29   by the way, "Origami Go-Kart"? —JessicaKobold

2007-10-06 22:09:56   Also done with posters for booth and other such fundraising phenomena (literally), all i need is something to put on the flyer, so please try to come up with something. Thanks —JessicaKobold

2007-10-06 22:12:46   And, yes i noticed the typo on one of my earlier messages, i am sorry, apologetic, and remorseful, so there. —JessicaKobold

2009-04-02 08:23:48   JK microsystems might be willing to sponsor you and give you some hardware. If you are interested, send me an email, jstewart@jkmicro.comJimStewart