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Today, 1/3/2014 (✵✵✵ Happy New Year 2014 to y'all! ✵✵✵), I noticed very similar contributions of three users already who are posting their personal page with an attractive photo of themselves (for that, I can't blame them) and then with the remark: "Contact me about Housing in Davis" or something like that. I don't like that. This has too strong commercial resonance IMO.


All those people work for Tandem and various tandem properties. Tandem is owned by local developers. Sure it's commercial but does it violate the 501 3c? SD Every year with the leasing managers turning over we get new waves of tandem employees

Edit PS: They don't try organizational accounts because we've rinsed repeated that one before, there is someone at corporate (which is located near the North Davis Pond) probably directing them how to play it fast & loose with the wiki