davis's only acid jazz/hip hop band. Look for them on bills at the Delta Venus or G St. Pub.

** Davis Joint Unified is in the lab working on their soon-to-be-released EP. Look out for a CD release party in August.


  • Eric Wecker aka "The Wiz" - Vocals
  • Cloud Reignwrite - Vocals
  • Heath Walton - Sax, Keys, Flute, etc.
  • Darren Reid aka "The Golden Horn" - Trumpet, Vocals
  • Alex Heien - Keys
  • Andy Beetley-Hagler - Drums
  • Matt Fisher aka "The Nothing" - Tables

If you play bass and you like hip-hop you should get in touch with the band...


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2004-12-07 17:15:51   These guys rock. El Jefe fans should recognize most of the names. Go see 'em. - KenNeville

2006-08-24 13:57:46   I play the bass...myspace.com/hinesley...message me! —NickHinesley