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The Davis Joint Unified School District is one of the better districts in California. It's also the 7th largest employer in Yolo County, with 792 full-time equivalent employees, according to a list put together in 2011 by the Sacramento Business Journal. Most of the schools have Academic Performance Index ratings from the state Department of Education in the 850-950 range (out of 1000), which is remarkably good.

Issues of current interest in the district

  • GATE — Gifted And Talented Education program, renamed the Alternative Instructional Model (AIM)
  • High school grade configuration — whether to have 9th grade at Davis Senior High School or leave it at the junior high schools (see this Davis Enterprise article)
  • High school principal Jacqui Moore has been fired by the school board. Of course, the comments on the linked article are somehow more concerned with shaming her for using her earned title of "doctor" rather than why she was terminated.

Board of Education

The local school district and controlling authority for the following schools:


High schools

Junior High schools

Elementary schools