UC Davis ARC Martial Arts Room
TuTh 10:0-10:50 AM
Brian Osserman

This is a PE course offered through the UC Davis Physical Education program.

Minimum Effort Maximum Effect

Kokikai is a school of Aikido founded by Shuji Maruyama in 1966, in response to his observation that the techniques he learned as a student of traditional Aikikai (under Ueshiba sensei) were not effective against the larger and less cooperative western opponents that he encountered. To the casual observer, Kokikai differs from some other forms of Aikido in its informal approach, emphasizing effective movement rather than strict adherence to certain poses and hand positions, foot placement, etc. Maruyama sensei is still alive and improving techniques on a regular basis, so the the art is constantly evolving. Kokikai has a small but eclectic following. Nearby dojos are located in San Francisco and Oakland, and occasional trips are made to the San Francisco dojo for testing.

The four Basic Principles of Kokikai

  • Keep One Point to develop calmness
  • Relax progressively
  • Find Correct Posture in everything
  • Develop your Positive Mind


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