603 L Street (north of 5th Street)
Sunday Meetings
Korean Service/G.O.T.  9:30am
English Service / M. S. M. 11:30am
Youth Group Service: 11:30am
Weekday Meetings
Wednesday service (Korean): 7:00pm
Awana (English): 6:30pm
Harvest Life Young Adult Fellowship: Fridays 7pm
Mustard Seed Ministry: Fridays at UCD - S S H 1,100, at 7pm
G.O.T Fellowship: Fridays at UCD Young 194), at 7:00pm
(530) 750-2753

Davis Korean Church is a non-denominational evangelical mission based church. Davis Korean Church was founded by nine UC Davis graduate students in 1982 who began meeting together and eventually established the local church. Though DKC initially focused on the Korean-speaking community (both students and families), it expanded to include a diverse English-speaking group, having their own services and events.

Currently there are 2 pastors on staff: Pastor Joshua Lee (Sr Pastor) and Pastor Daniel Yoon (English Ministry Pastor). There are about 210 Korean-speaking adults, 40 Korean-speaking college students, 80 English-speaking adults, 150 English-speaking college students, 60 youth group students and 100 children.

Mustard Seed Ministry

Their english-speaking campus student group is Mustard Seed Ministry (MSM) which has a diverse group of believers, who meet every Friday at Young 198 at 7pm for worship with music, a brief sermon, Bible study and fellowship time which mostly consists of games and activities that develop relationships between participants.

Green Olive Tree Ministry

G.O.T. is the Korean-speaking campus ministry affiliated to DKC. It is a growing ministry founded in 2007, with a diverse group of Korean-speakers. Many of them are students who are bilingual and some are students who have come to Davis to study English for a year; others are student who are studying abroad for 4 years. If you are interested in visiting/joining this ministry please their Facebook page.

Outside the 4 Walls

DKC is also known for supporting various missionaries and mission agencies locally and globally. One local organization that DKC supports is Union Gospel Mission in the Sacramento area — where members, on the 2nd Saturday of each month, sponsor and prepare a meal (i.e. usually burritos) for all guests at the homeless shelter. Everybody is welcome to participate in UGM. Other ministries supported by Davis Korean Church includes: Step-Off Ministries in Buena Park, California, which reaches out to gangsters, Shiloam Church in South Korea, Shinmangae Mission in South Korea serving the disabled and blind, and House of SaRang in China. The church also support missionaries in Arizona, China, New Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, Cambodia, Brazil and Singapore.

The church also runs a weekly offering of food to those less fortunate in the community, Friday's Harvest.


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