The Davis Little League complex is where most Little League baseball games are played. It is located at the intersection of F Street and Covell Boulevard. The T-ball league has games across the street at Community Park.

The complex has four diamonds of varying sizes. There is also a snack bar, which is open during games. Parking is available behind the complex on H Street. Alternately, you can park in the Davis Art Center parking lot.

Most Little League practices are not held at the complex, but at different fields and baseball diamonds across Davis.

The complex runs right next to the bike path that connects the H Street Bike Tunnel to F Street, and is a major thoroughfare for junior high and high school students. Those traversing this route should be aware that it is not unusual for baseballs to fly over the fence, occasionally hitting a passerby. Likewise, those who park their cars on H street are responsible for any automotive damage incurred from wily foul balls.