This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Traditional Szechuan style food, served with a main and a side dish, and a bottle of water.

​"Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant"
4800 Granite Dr #B2
Rocklin, CA 95677
Delivery Spots & Times
(1) 451 Health Science Dr. Parking Lot, on Mon, Wed-Fri, @12:15pm-12:25pm
(2) Silo Parking Lot, on Mon, Wed-Fri, @ 12:30pm-1:30pm
(3) Russell, Orchard, Segundo,Tercero, Cuarto, on Sat & Sun, @ 12:50pm-1:30pm
Call /Text 916-806-9134 (9:00am-6:00pm)
On Mon., Wed.-Fri.,​ make order before 11:00am, and on Sat. & Sun., before 11:59am to guarantee the same-day delivery.


* Hot & Spicy

鸡鸭-Chicken/Duck 1. 重庆辣子鸡-Chong Qing Style Chili Chicken ** 2. 香辣鸡-Diced Chicken with Dried Pepper * 3. 宫保鸡丁-Kung Pao Chicken * 4. 鱼香鸡片-Sliced Chicken with Szechuan Sauce * 5. 葱爆鸡片-Sliced Chicken with Green Onion

牛羊-Beef/Lamb 6. 孜然牛-Szechuan Style Spicy Cumin Sauce Beef ** 7. 孜然羊-Szechuan Style Spicy Cumin Sauce Lamb ** 8. 香干牛肉丝-Shredded Beef with Dried Bean Curd 9. 葱爆羊肉-Stir Fried Lamb with Green Onion 10. 五香牛腱-Five Flavored Beef Tendon 11. 夫妻肺片-Sliced Beef Szechuan Tranditional **

猪肉-Pork 12. 红油猪耳-Chili Oil Thin Sliced Pig's Ear ** 13. 蒜泥白肉-Sliced Pork in Spicy Garlic Sauce * 14. 鱼香肉丝-Shredded Pork with Spicy Garlic Sauce * 15. 回锅肉-Double Cooked Pork * 16. 川味肉丝-Shredded Pork with Dry Bean Curd 17. 泡菜肉沫-Ground Pork with Pickled Cabbage 18. 生爆盐煎肉-Golden Dragon Pork 19. 干煸肉丝-Szechuan Spicy Dry Cooked Pork ** 20. 香干回锅肉-Double Cooked Pork with Dry Been Curd 21. 干煸肥肠-Dry Cooked Pork Intestines ** 22. 火爆肥肠-Pork Intestine with Expose Chili Pepper *

海鲜-Seafood 23. 大蒜鱼片-Spicy Fish with Roasted Garlic * 24. 宫保虾-Kung Pao Pawns *

素食-Vegetable/Tofu 25. 香干素三丝-Shredded Vegetables 26. 鱼香茄子-Eggplant in Hot Ginger Sauce * 27. 酱爆茄子-Eggplant in Hot & Spicy Sauce * 28. 炝卷心菜-Spicy Stir Fried Cabbage * 29. 干煸四季豆-Szechuan Dry Cooked Green Bean 30. 麻婆豆腐-Ma Po Tofu * 31. 家常豆腐-Family Style Tofu 32. 冬菇豆腐-Oil Dipple Tofu with Black Mushroom 33. 红烧豆腐-Braised Tofu with Vegetable 34. 炒青江菜-Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy

Davis Lunchbox is a food delivery business based in Davis, CA. Freshly made meal box will be delivered from our local partners to you per your order. To make an order is easy—just call us or text us your choice from our carefully selected menu. Now you can enjoy your lunch without rushing in the crowded lunch hours, saving you time and effort.

As we are currently in an experimental stage, our service covers only lunch for a few spots. We will make our best effort to extend the service and menu selection over time. We want to be your cheerful neighbor. Your trust and happiness is the best reward to us.

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2013-06-04 13:00:59   I have not tried the food, but it must be amazing Chinese food to order for delivery from 36 miles away when there are 17 Chinese restaurants in Davis. —ScottLay