Board Members
President: Fred Buderi
Vice President: Mark Pollock
Treasurer: Jen Nachmanoff
Newsletter Editor: Kevin Wolf
Board Member: Aaron Ristow
Board Member: Gordon Defries

The Davis Manor neighborhood is located between 5th Street and 8th Street, and between L Street and Pole Line Road (as defined on their website). The Davis Manor Center shopping center is located in this neighborhood and its revival an ongoing issue for the Neighborhood Council.

The Manor Neighborhood is basically East Davis, or old east Davis-before Mace Ranch. The green belt the encircles Mace Ranch can be seen as the old limits of east Davis. There is the Manor shopping center and Manor park, which has a public swimming pool and a huge cement slide. I am not sure what the extent of the Manor Neighborhood is. This maybe a more instituted form of what is also know as the People's Republic of East Davis (PRED).


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Davis Manor encompasses much more than that. The area surrounding Slide Hill Park (Manor Park) also is part of the neighborhood. TobinJones

2008-05-21 22:56:03   Davis Manor was originally the name of a housing development, and the DMNC is for that area. I respect that Tobin has a different view, but I think that since this page is about the Council, the content about Manor Pool, West Manor, and the Birch Lane/Tulip Lane area is off-topic enough to "perhaps" warrant future deletion. —DougWalter