2613 2nd Street
Mon-Fri 8:00am-6pm

Davis Muffler & Hitch Center is owned by former manager Jay Aziz. Specializing in exhaust system repair, custom exhaust, trailer hitches, trailer wiring & repair, and miscellaneous welding & fabrication, Davis Muffler joined Hoffman Auto Repair in moving to their current location in September 2005. Davis Muffler was previously located at 920 3rd Street next to the SPCA Thrift Store.

Oil changes are now done by Hoffmann Automotive 530-753-7202. Shuttle rides within Davis are available upon request.


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2005-02-04 18:38:31   I've never gone here for a hitch, but once my exhaust was loose and the guy did a quick weld fix for free. —ArlenAbraham

2005-03-30 21:25:12   I've had them do some custom work for me, turned out well and was reasonably priced. —RussBowlus

2005-09-22 10:10:58   Though I've used Speedee Oil Change & Tune Up on occasion, I've been pretty happy taking my vehicles to Davis Muffler for oil changes. Davis Muffler turns around my car reliably within about 30min, whereas I've waited half a day at Speedee. —AlphaDog

2005-09-24 10:44:23   tire —ApolloStumpy

2007-05-07 14:30:53   Jay Aziz made a custom trellis for our back yard for us. It was tricky to do, and he did a beautiful job. So his talents extend beyond the automotive world! edandsallyboyce —edandsallyboyce

2007-05-18 16:35:56   They were really nice and did a great job finishing a weld by the time they said they would be done. The price was a fair anf they will give you a ride and pick you up when your vehicle is ready. —TracyPerkins

2007-05-19 06:34:58   They added a trailer hitch and sold me a bike rack for the hitch at a very reasonable price. Why do people drop big $$$ on roof racks?? Anyways, I was pretty time constrained (big trip to moab in a few days) and they were able to get me out the same day. The hitch didn't lower my clearance in back which was nice (the stock WRX is low). It saved me a trip to Sac subaru dealer and was cheaper. —BillBroadley

2008-02-07 20:20:49   Jay did a great job on my exhaust system. Called me up whenever there was a problem and asked what i wanted before doing anything. Quoted me 150+ tax but it came out to be 150ish with tax included. Great service and would recommend it to anyone looking for a custom exhaust. —boked

2008-03-13 00:21:40   I can't say enough about Jay and the excellent work he does. Every time I take my Mustang in for work, I leave very happy. He's extremely knowledgeable and friendly, I'd reccomend him to anyone looking for quality work at a good price! —Bbdaddel

2008-04-10 09:38:33   I have taken 4 vehicles for exhaust work and 1 trailer for modifications and all of them turned out fantastic, couldn't be happier! good turn around time and low prices. I will always be coming back here when I need exhaust or trailer work done. —ZepBrattesani

2008-07-21 11:22:00   Highly recommended shop. I actually found it on the Wiki, and called based on the positive reviews here - I just want to add another one. Jay Aziz fit me in on the same day I called even though I had no appointment and he was swamped. He got the car turned around very fast - in a matter of a few hours, rates were extremely reasonable, AND Jay was nice enough to give me a ride to and from my house in Davis while they were working on my car. Absolutely First Class Customer Service! I will return for sure! —mapjad

2008-08-05 17:17:26   This place is wonderful, owner is really cute and very helpful. —horsetender

2008-09-11 15:28:33   I came to DM&H last spring with a university fleet truck and a friend's trailer. Jay fab'd a wiring harness for the trailer on the spot in about ten minutes. The cost was around $25, if I remember correctly. Couldn't have asked for a better solution. I brought my 95 Honda Civic in on Monday with an exhaust leak. After a quick inspection, Jay noted extensive rust damage to the resonator and most of the pipe from the catalytic converter back to the muffler. Cost would be around $190. I explained that I brought it in because I needed a smog check, and Jay said he had seen cars with worse leaks pass smog checks. I took the car to Aggie Smog, and sure enough, it passed. I'll be taking it back to Jay very soon for the repairs. —BrendanConnors

2009-05-04 17:39:15   Jay never disappoints, I always leave his shop happy. Check him out, he does great work and its fairly priced. —Bbdaddel

2010-04-01 05:56:47   Jay has installed two hitches for me and has done a fantastic job with both. The second job was on a Honda Pilot. The local Honda dealer could only complete part of the job, but Jay finished it with excellent results. He goes the extra mile and does a fantastic job. —tgholt

2010-05-17 12:14:20   I found Davis Muffler & Hitch to be honest and fair, charging half of what another mechanic quoted for the same job. (Literally the same job, the other mechanic intended to take the car to Davis Muffler & Hitch without my knowledge.) Also, they did great work on my exhaust system that has held up quite well for the last 3 years. —RachelD

2011-03-23 15:04:39   My catalytic converter got stolen last night, and I called Davis Muffler this morning. Got a quote, and brought it in and got it back within a few hours! Jay did an amazing job, and price was reasonable. He gave me a lift to and from my place, while they were working on my car! I highly recommend them to anyone! Great customer service!! —yrthr

2012-01-27 17:07:51   Was kindly referred here by Redfield Machine. My partner is the one who dealt with Jay, not me, but said he was super nice, helpful, and quick. He even came and picked my partner up when the car was ready. Best part: Jay was able to fabricate a part for literally 1/10 of the cost, and the total came out to even less than the estimate. Our car is even quieter than it was before the problem started! —MeggoWaffle

2012-07-03 18:18:14   Jay's awesome! I was out in about 30 minutes, and he charged me less than he had estimated for a quick fix on my exhaust. Pretty great. —AlisaKim

2012-10-16 17:14:15   Jay is a super nice guy who does high quality work. I wouldn't hesitate to bring my car for any muffler work. His work on my cars has been excellent. —PeriSiepman

2012-12-17 21:31:14   Jay fixed me right up today. My exhaust system had split in half and I took it in. He immediately took it back in the shop and welded it back together (using extra pipe to secure it). Charged me a grand total of $15 for parts and labor. Tipped him well. You should too. —watson

2018-04-12 15:32:37   Just called Hoffman - Muffler and Hitch no longer shares space. Call Uhaul in West Sac. —hokieskier