Davis Municipal Code

Chapter 13A Environmental Regulations

Chapter 13A of the Davis Municipal Code.

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  • 13A.01.010 Purpose
  • 13A.01.020 Adoption by reference
  • 13A.01.030 Definitions.
  • 13A.01.040 Environmental Coordinator
  • 13A.01.050 Public Projects (City of Davis as Lead Agency)
  • 13A.01.060 Private Projects
  • 13A.01.070 Other Public Projects (City as Responsible Agency or subsequent approval body)
  • 13A.01.080 Other Projects (City as Commenter)
  • 13A.01.090 Activities Exempt from Environmental Review
  • 13A.01.100 Exemption Procedures
  • 13A.01.110 Negative Declarations
  • 13A.01.120 Environmental Impact Reports
  • 13A.01.130 Additional Notices and Public Review Copies.