Davis Municipal Code Chapter 24


24.05.010 General prohibition.

(a)Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, and in addition thereto, it is unlawful for any person to wilfully make or continue, or cause to be made or continued, any noise which unreasonably disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood.

(b)For the purposes of this article a complaint of unreasonable noise is deemed a prima facie violation if there is one complaint, and independent corroboration by a police department employee of the unreasonable nature of the noise, based on the criteria in subsection (c) below, or three distinct complaints from two affected premises affected by the same sound source, with the exception of events covered under 24.04.070(a).

(c)The factors below shall be considered when determining whether a violation of the provisions of this section exists shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

(1)Loudness (intensity) of the sound;

(2)Pitch (frequency) of the sound, e.g. very low bass or high screech;

(3)Duration of the sound;

(4)Time of day;

(5)Necessity of noise, e.g. garbage collecting;

(6) Background noise.

(Ord. No. 1700, § 1 (part); Ord. No. 1854, § 22; Ord. No. 1858, § 1; Ord. No. 1955 (part).)

(Ord. 1955, Amended, 07/29/1998)


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