Davis Municipal Code Chapter 37


37.03.060 Landmark Trees and Trees of Significance — Removal or Modification Not Associated with Building Permits or Discretionary Projects

a)Modification or Removal. No person shall cut down, remove, prune substantially, encroach into the Tree Protection Zone, top or relocate any Landmark Tree or any Tree of Significance unless a valid Tree Removal Request and/or Tree Modification Permit has been approved pursuant to the procedures contained in Section 37.02.050, 37.02.070 and, if applicable, 37.03.070. The Director shall have the discretion to grant or deny any permit application for the removal or modification of a tree of significance and may in his or her discretion, refer such permit application to the Tree Commission.

(b)Emergencies. In the event of an emergency (when a tree is imminently hazardous or dangerous to life or property) the tree may be pruned or removed, whichever is appropriate, upon notification to the Director. If, due to the immediacy of the emergency, notification prior to the pruning or removal is infeasible or impossible, notification shall be given to the Director on the next day following the pruning or removal.

(c)Removal by Public Utility. A public utility may submit a permit application to remove landmark trees that interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the public service for which they are responsible, as per the City Public Utility Easement Agreement and Section 37.02.070.


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