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2006-03-18 13:32:45   I went in for a pedicure today and was very impressed. They were well staffed and everything looked really clean. The woman who did my nails wore latex gloves and spent at least 30 minutes giving me a leg massage. They charged me an extra $5 for white tips instead of solid color, but that's pretty standard. Overall, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking for quality and cleanliness. —JillWeinstein

2006-03-31 18:36:20   very mediocre —SheaFayre

2006-04-26 11:49:58   My sister and I have gone here and we both enjoyed our experience. The guy that helped us was comical, and I didn't feel like I got any less than anywhere else. French tip costs more, FYI. —JenniferLaFever

2006-05-16 22:22:30   I got a pedicure today, and the lady did a nice job. The place looked very clean, and the staff was very friendly. —AnnaNeilson

2006-06-10 19:44:16   Terrible manicure! My nails were left lopsided and I could've painted them smoother with my own left hand. However, HIGHLY recommended for pedicures. Clean and soft, my feet thank them. —SarahMoussa

2007-01-09 02:26:06   Me and my roommate went for acrylics and were really unhappy with the results. Mine had a crack in them the day after I got them and started to bubble up and were crooked on my left hand. My roommates also bubbled up and were placed wrong so you could see where the white of her natural nail started on some fingers. Def not worth what I paid. —HannaWalicki

2007-03-05 20:54:41   awesome! clean, friendly, cheap, massaged my arms for like 10 minutes —StephanieGhirardo

2007-03-16 15:30:13   Just had a french-tip pedicure by a woman named Nu. She did a fabulous job, and spent a long time massaging my calves and feet—very relaxing! This is the only place in Davis where I get my nails done. Very clean facility and they take their time to do a thorough job. Can get busy on Fridays/weekends. $5 extra for french tips, but otherwise very reasonably priced. —AnnaSmith

2007-03-18 11:14:50   Best place for a pedicure in Davis. Why go to Allure and get a $35 pedicure (literally) in a bowl of water when Davis Nails is cheaper, cleaner and gives you a leg massage too? —MandiPeterson

2007-04-11 23:20:32   I honestly take all the critiques made on daviswiki to heart, and I was extremely disappointed in how many good reviews were made for this nail salon. Their service is horrible! They completely ignored my requests, and completely screwed up while waxing! The way they do nails is also extremely mediocre, and I honestly cannot say I have ever been treated with SO MUCH disrespect in MY LIFE! When I came in to talk to the manager, she walked away from our conversation and started snickering in the backroom with the rest of the employees. They were laughing, staring me down, and talking crap in Vietnamese in plain sight! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE- it was the worst service I have ever recieved! —AndiW

2007-04-28 17:00:58   I get my eyebrows waxed here with Mai-Ling. She takes time to shape them and massage the area after she's done, she also only charges me $12 (the old price). I got it done the other day with a new girl, and she screwed up horribly and on top of that, charged me $15. —JessicaYang

2007-07-19 18:23:07   My roommate brought me here as a birthday gift. They gave me a massage for like 20 minutes. My legs and feet felt smooth and tingly when I left. The service though could be better. They didn't know I was Vietnamese (most people don't). So I could hear them gossiping about the other customers. I'd say it's pretty rude. —JenHuynh

2007-10-11 14:41:59   I went here to get my nails done. I was skeptical because of all the reviews here, but when I went it wasn't so bad. They weren't very busy that day, but they were all very nice. They also didn't seem to be talking "smack" about anybody. I guess it depends on who you get. The environment was also quite clean when I went in. I had a VERY nice lady named Nu do my nails, and she had them done perfectly. I think I'd go back. :) —syang

2007-10-22 19:23:13   I went in today to get my nails taken off and to get a manicure. The guy was quick, not sloppy, and pretty gentle. I didn't want my cuticles to get pushed back or clipped so he just charged me for a polish change instead of a full manicure. Total cost was $10. They don't have a big variety of nail polish colors. A lot of different darker shades of reds and pinks, and some fun colors like neon green and yellow. If you want pastel, lighter colors, nudes and neutrals you may want to bring in your own polish. Nice, relaxing place to go. —AmyYang

2007-11-12 20:50:55   I got a full set done here and was really happy with the results! They looked BEAUTIFUL! But when I had them filled, I was not pleased. She took forever, and as she used that filing buffer drill thing, the friction kept burning through my nail and hurt really badly for hours! I was not pleased. And she left white nail polish all goopy under my nails. Don't have your nails filled here! Sooooo not worth it! —Reen86

2008-03-10 11:52:23   I love getting my eyebrows done here! They always do a great job. I also enjoy their pedicures too! —maymay

2008-03-19 17:13:15   Great staff, good prices- best place to get your nails done in Davis! —JuneBug

2008-03-19 21:05:32   I just got a mani/pedi today and LOVE it! The woman (I think her name was Nu, she is older and very nice) was wonderful, I got a mani/pedi with white tips on my finger nails and a design on my toes for $35! I'm definatly going back. —NicoleHuff

2008-04-15 12:33:42   I personally love this place. It is inexpensive and quick. I go for eyebrow waxing and I've never had to wait. Nu is by far the best and she massages your forhead after waxing. It does not hurt as bad as other places and the redness goes away quickly. They also give the best pedicures I've had in terms of long lasting. I can keep a pedicure from here for weeks and the polish stays. Don't know about their other services, but I highly recommend them for those two things. —Megan579

2008-04-26 00:35:59   I took my mother here as a treat a couple weeks back and it was wonderful. My mom had Mrs. Nu and she did an excellent job with both the mani and the pedi and she said the massage was excellent! I had Anna and she was great, keep in mind I literally know nothing of the field but my hands and feet were shockingly soft afterwards, and my cuticles were the best they've been. ¬_¬ They buffed my nails instead of giving me color. My mom enjoyed herself immensely, and it was a great experience. —StevenDaubert

2008-05-24 19:35:09   I've gone here for pedicures four times and they have always done a good job and are very friendly. I'm not sure who I had the first time but she gave me a long foot and leg massage and my feet never looked better. They also charge less than some places in town and seem pretty clean. The only thing I don't like is their massage chairs don't work very well and mostly just vibrate. —littlelemur

2008-07-20 19:15:24   Apparently a manicure/pedicure combo is no longer $25, I updated above. But the employees were quick to tell us that the image on their wiki page was from 5 years ago and that special is now non-existent. Other than that, I got a pedicure and service was ok. My friend got a manicure, and her polish is already chipping, 4 hours later...? —kmpulido

2008-08-05 23:34:29   Do not go here. I went during graduation and got a combination mani/pedi. A few weeks later my toenails were cracking from a fungal infection. I knew that I should have gotten up and left when I saw them having people walk across the floor barefoot. I will be reporting this place to the Board. VERY unsanitary. —morgan33

2008-10-15 14:26:40   They do a good job here. I always have to get pedi's because i am really hard on my feet what with trail running, etc. Anyhoo, every time I've been here the service has been great. They take their time and do quality work. Everything was clean and in order. I'll be back. —CurlyGirl26

2009-02-06 21:08:27   This comment is related to morgan33's comment. I actually went to Davis Nails the morning of my graduation and brought 4 of my friends (and they gave us all free designs on our toes and told us it was because we are graduating). I called and they let us come 30 min before they opened so we wouldn't be late to our graduation. We all loved the service and none of us received any type of infection. I personally go every month for a manicure and pedicure (twice a month for eye brow waxing) and my 2 roommates go almost as much as I do and we have never received any kind of infection from here. You might want to further investigate where you really received that fungal infection from before you waste anyone's time. —DPPL

2009-04-10 18:38:37   My girlfriend just got back and told me to post here and warn people never get a fill here. They did a real sloppy job and I guess they didn't use the right kind of power either. —ChrisC

2009-05-07 19:26:46   My mom and I just got a mani/pedi here and we both had a positive experience. The ladies doing our toenails did a great job and the leg massage was very good. My mom had the man do her nails and she was a little disappointed with the hand massage. The lady that did my nails was very nice and engaged in small talk the entire time. When I was at the light dryer I accidentally messed up one of my nails and when I asked the lady if she could fix it she did and was not mean or annoyed about it at all. I would highly recommend Davis Nails! —ellenislove

2009-08-29 23:24:19   I came here once for a pedicure and don't plan on going back. The guy was very nice and all, but he didn't do a very good job. When he went to grab the polish, I rubbed my foot to see if it was soft but it felt exactly like it had when I went in. In his defense, it had been 2 months. When I told him about it, he let my feet soak longer and did it again. My feet still weren't as soft as when I went to the place near Savemart. And he didn't do a great job with the painting. I guess i'm just upset that he didn't notice my feet still felt gross! —tinkijoty

2009-09-10 17:27:34   pedicure=awsome! manicure=ok eyebrow wax= highly reccomend. its good and cheap. —GuavaLava

2009-11-24 15:09:13   Great place! It's right down the street from my apartment which is perfect. I love going there for a mani/pedi because it's cheap! $30! They do a great job too. I got a regular manicure and it lasted forever! The people are wonderful and nice. The one woman who was working on my toes was talking to another woman and it sounded like they were talking about me (hard to tell of course because they aren't speaking English) and sure enough I was right. Except it wasn't bad! I'm very pale and they both looked over at me and said "So pale! So beautiful!" :) They spend FOREVER giving you a leg massage. It's so nice! I go there as often as I can afford to! —JessH

2009-11-26 14:29:38   I just went here and got yet another manicure / pedicure (no paint but buffage, and some awesome cuticle work)

highly recommended —StevenDaubert

2009-11-26 21:54:29   This is place is awesome. In fact I'm enjoying how my mani/pedi turned out now. —CurlyGirl26

2009-12-11 17:07:31   i went in for a manicure. it costed 30 for a full set with white tip. the ladies are very nice. i usually get fiberglass :) but that's just me. —ChiYang

2010-02-16 15:32:17   This is the worst place I am every been! i have fake nails (gel)all i wanted was a fill since the tips of my nails are colored and did not need to be changed yet...she filed down the color so now my nails that once were sparkly green have white showing through and look terrible! they arent smooth at all either, the fiberglass is all lumpy and just looks weird...i left with cuts on my cuticles that hurt so much...during my experience another woman came over and i assume she was the owner and started yelling at the woman working on my nails i was appalled at how rude it was....she kept jerking my hand up to look at it and yell at the woman working on my friend with me had acrylics put on and she has a hair running through one of them and her nails arent even completely covered! both of us were extremely upset when we left especially after one woman working there started raving about how good they looked. honestly my sisters raved about this place and what a good job this man who worked there did.....hes apparently really good....the women we saw were terrible i was amazed at how she could say my nails looked amazing considering the green is missing in places with the white nail underneath showing through.....i will not be going back there considering they also charged me 20 dollars instead of the 17 it costs for a fiberglass fill.....i do not reccommend this place at all......... —stellax33

2010-02-20 22:55:13   Terrible terrible terrible!!!! I went to get acrylics put on and they put on gels. Charged me for gels. I have cuts on my cuticle from the filer and I have hairs running through 2 nails. They did not cover my whole nail. I will never go back there again plus they were extremely rude. HORRIBLE!!!! DO NOT GO!!! —

2010-05-31 22:23:06   I have gone in just for waxes for close to a year now and love it (as much as you can love getting a wax). The woman who does the waxing is super nice and very fast (which always helps). The price is about the same as the other places in Davis but they always have $5 off coupons in the marketplace coupon book that is sent out every season. I have never had anything else done here but their waxes cannot be beat! —LolaTorney

2010-06-18 05:56:18   Just got my nails done at this place the other night with the one and only Steven Daubert Jr. He took me here to relax and take care of me (he's always good about knowing exactly what it is that I need). He's the best. . Oh, but going back to Davis Nails. This place is clean, sanitary and does excellent work. In fact, typing is even more enjoyable because of the beautiful work they do here. Michael handled my hands and feet with care. And did such a beautiful job. I love my white flowers!

Highly recommended! —AshleyHamidi

2010-08-26 13:04:43   I always come here for pedicures and try to get Michael to do them for me. He massages your legs and feet very thoroughly and he doesn't make you feel uncomfortable with awkward kinds of conversation. He also does a very nice job with french pedicures if you're interested (and don't mind putting down the extra cash)! I have not been as pleased with my manicures here. After only one week, the nail polish would already start chipping off my fingernails. But I am glad this place takes special requests; I have brought in a magazine of a manicure design I like and Michael did an extremely good job replicating it for me. —MooMoo28

2010-10-12 09:29:21   In my quest to find a decent nail salon, this one failed. I had been there one time and had a nice mani and pedi by a woman. The second time I went to a man that did a horrible job on my feet. They looked as if I had done them myself. I also get totally grossed out when they use "used" files on me. —LokiAbbi

what do you mean "used" files? Morbid curiosity... Daubert

  • Nail files that were used on someone else? —hankim

2011-04-17 15:11:13   I've gone here twice and can't decide if I like it or not. The first time, I already had acrylic nails painted all pink, and asked for an acrylic fill and for them to be painted a minty green (polish that I brought in myself). When I called they told me to come in at 6:30 (they close at 7), so I did, but they didn't even get to me until 7. However, the woman doing my nails didn't rush or anything and I was quite satisfied with how they came out (length, shape, smooth polish, etc.). Acrylic fill with color (not French) was $15 + $3 to replace a nail that had already came off. About a week later they started lifting! So once they all fell off I went back to get an acrylic full set, pink and white. Went in the morning, got seated right away. They used white fake nails for the tips instead of clear ones and then just painting it, which I've never seen before. The lady made them a little too short but I guess that's what I get when I ask for "as short as possible." I think it ended up costing $31 ($25 full set, $5 French, $1 card fee). That was six days ago— two have already broken off, and four more are lifting. I guess you get what you pay for. —JacquelineD

2011-06-03 11:44:09   I have been to my fair share of nail salons. I was visiting my fiancé (I am not a Davis local)the week of Thanksgiving. It was a Wednesday, and suddenly his parents invited me to Thanksgiving dinner the following day. My nails were a mess. Soon I started searching for nail salons close to my fiancé's apartment and found this place. I called immediately and was able to walk right in. I hardly had any wait time. Now for the service. It was very stellar for such a small nail salon. I went in for a full set of French tips and a pedicure. Even though it was pretty close to closing time, Michael took his time and did a fantastic job. The feet and leg massage isn't like 30 seconds either. It's almost a good 2-5 minutes. Very nice and relaxing. So my cost was 25+5 for french + 20 for pedicure +5 for french+ 5 for a design. (It was amazingly only 5 dollars for 6 nail designs. Four on my hands and two on my toes.) They use very high quality acrylic and polish. My nails lasted a very long and so did the paint. I recommend this place very highly. (I still have the design on my toes!) —CristinaFlores

2011-07-31 12:45:36   Nu is great for eyebrows!! She even massages them for a good while!! —JamieBeth

2012-02-03 14:34:28   i love this place! i've been here for both a manicure and a full set of acrylic nails with the white tips and both times i have been very pleased :) prices are the best i've found in davis but still great quality —Tay

2012-04-28 15:00:16   I went in for a gel manicure today and was very disappointed. The nail polish was almost empty, so the manicurist heated it up in the microwave several times. This made the polish too thin and left my nails looking very lumpy and wrinkly. The manicurist apologized but refused to fix it. She did give me a $10 discount, but I'd rather pay the extra $10 and have a manicure I'm happy with. I'll probably go somewhere else for my next manicure. —LSquared

2012-06-19 10:28:28   I went to this place on Saturday for the first time. Just wonderful, lots of friendly people, very busy. I got a full set of acrylic nails for 30.00. She was gentle and did an awesome job. I will be going back to try out the facial. Definitely referring people here. —Lisa530

2013-12-04 19:18:21   I Have been going to this nail salon for years but recently my last two visits at this place have been horrible... On 03 Nov 2013 i went to this nail salon to get a pedicure with my mother and they did a good job ill give them that. so, i then decided a wanted a manicure when i was getting off their pedicure chair to go to Mike's nail desk he moves the rolling black chair goes to the back and gets a regular chair so that i can sit on it. they discriminate against clients who are a Lil on the plus size beware of this place they even talk Sh*t about their clients in Vietnamese what they haven't realized Ive gone to this place and understand everything they say about their clients. over the years their acrylic nail powders have gotten cheaper because they don't last as long, the worst you pay so much for your nails and they do a horrible job they don't last as long and they don't file them down so all your nails are the same size! their current price is $32 for Pedi/Mani prices went up. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! Nu- you have lost a long time client!! —VeronicaSalazar

2015-09-06 04:29:10   My girlfriend and I were having a difficult time finding a place for pedicures late in the afternoon and the Saturday before Labor Day so despite mixed reviews here we tried it. Im glad we did! The Lady on the phone was warm and welcoming . When we we arrived we were seated right away and our experience was positive all around- Its not the fanciest most quiet spa experience you could find but its not that spendy either. The staffs friendly attitude and the services (foot/leg massage) were well worth what we paid- Id easily recommend this place and would certainly return! —furygirl