These are reviews of Davis Noodle City from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2004-12-06 23:07:18   The Dan Dan Noodle is pretty good for $4.50. The Marco Polo (Za Jiang Mien in Chinese) is OK as well. - AndrewChen

2004-12-27 22:57:44   Excellent place, probably my favorite in Davis. Noodles and dumpling skins appear to be hand-pressed, and prices are very resonable for what you get. Try the Spicy beef noodle soup (or something like that!) —DerekTam

2005-02-21 14:21:57   the cold noodle salad is really good —MattHh

2005-02-26 18:52:01   They have pretty good vegetarian dishes. I like the vegetarian wonton noodle soup. —YawenChen

2005-03-23 14:13:47   Try the orange chicken if you need something that's both sweet and tart. —ToHarris

2005-04-09 13:39:52   The Owner (I'm guessing) was very elated to hear about the wiki having a page for Davis Noodle City. She even gave me an unfolded menu which JabberWokky scanned for use here. —TarZxf

2005-04-10 17:44:16   I originally came hear because sophia's thai kitchen was so crowded. however this place is much better, and every time i come back and try a new dish it is always good. i havnt had any of their soups because im not a soup person (several people i know who ate here thougth their soups were bland) and i think their beef dishes are a little on the chewy side, like most chinese places. However, ive never had a bad dish here, their marco polo, hunan tofu, sichuan eggplant, chow mein, and vegetable, pork and chicken dumplings are all very good. Yet the best dish is their chef's cold noodle salad. Such refreshing and clean flavors, perfect for a hot summer's day. many dishes under 6 dollars —MattHh

2005-04-16 22:24:29   great food. This is now on my list of favorite places in Davis. —BreaGerey

2005-05-12 11:16:23   The kim chee is excellent!! —AlphaDog

2005-06-12 11:58:16   Try ordering orange beef instead of orange chicken. It's quite tasty. Also, I recommend the chow mein for garlic lovers, and the Five Spice Beef Noodle Soup is quite good as well. It has a nice fennel flavor. —MattimusMoyus

2005-07-11 19:01:47   I really like this place. Its so different from the more American-influenced Chinese places in Davis. —BobGill

2005-07-23 17:38:35   Ohhhh the seafood dumplings mmmmm TASTY —JoAnnaRich

2005-07-24 18:56:55   Er, the kim chee isn't real kim chee. And the Marco Polo isn't quite the same as "chajang myun" from a Korean place. I guess it's the Chinese version of these things. Otherwise, good food. —IrenePark

2005-07-24 21:26:30   The crispy fried tofu was not the usual extra-extra firm triangles usually found in "chinese" food. These were two-bite-sized cubes of creamy, soft tofu fried with a paper-thin pale crisp coating, served with a slightly sweet peppery dipping sauce. Jnork had the Szechuan Chicken (they were out of the garlic); Deb the General Tzo Freak had the orange beef (chewy but good, her comment) and the two of them had noodles on the side. I just had the tofu and mooched off their entrees, and Mariel the noodle freak got a smaller than normal (by request) serving of plain noodles. If you're looking for neon-red dipping sauces and the usual suspects, you'll be disappointed. If you want good food prepared well for decent "chinese restaurant" prices, come here. Bring your friends; I want this place to stay open. —BlancheNonken

2005-09-07 15:29:51   I've had their food four times (two sit-in, two to-go) and I'll definitely be back! Their beef is succulent and tender the way bah kut teh is supposed to be, though I suspect the Five-Spice Beef and Black Pepper Beef are the same thing. The portions are HUGE for the price! I'm not fond of the "house special sauce" that's served with hot oil wontons, but the wontons are delicious. The Hunan Tofu is the right level of spicy and the Dan Dan Noodles are flavorful. The cooks are very generous with the main ingredients (e.g. tofu in the Hunan Tofu; beef, chicken, shrimp in their respective dishes). There is one downside: there seems to be only one type of noodle (a matter of personal preference). The staff is always friendly, smiley, and attentive without being annoying. The decor is pleasant, the interior is clean, and service is swift. Pity they don't serve dessert. I'm pissed that I didn't find out about the B10GOF card, but I can let it slide knowing I'll certainly be back many times in future. —JennaChan

2005-09-07 21:38:41   I love this place. The food is delicious. . .the spicy garlic chicken is probably my favorite dish, with the dan dan noodles coming in a close second. It's definitely worth a visit. The staff is exceptionally nice, too. —JoannaHeiple

2005-10-03 12:51:03   Home is in the Bay Area so it's hard to find recognizable, familiar, comforting Chinese food in Davis but this place certainly comes the closest. The staff is amazingly friendly and always willing to chit chat at the end of the meal. The portions (for the soups) are massive and so it's well worth the price. I find that each item that I've tried has something missing about it that makes it familiar but not quite like home but it's a great alternative to pho when it gets cold. An excellent place overall and I hope to God that this place stays open despite the fact that it's kinda hidden. —LiRic

2005-10-03 12:56:55   DNC is one of the two places in Davis that I would call authentic Chinese (the other being Old Teahouse). But it's all relative. Place this restaurant in the Bay Area and I probably wouldn't go back, not because it isn't good (it is), but it's really not good enough. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the huge Chinese population in the South Bay (my school was 76% Asian), but the food at DNC is a bit pricier and slightly blander than what I'm used to. However, this isn't a negative review of this place, for what we have in Davis, this place is a godsend. —AlvinTsao