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A rocky roll begging to be eaten

207 3rd Street , across from Off-Campus Books
Mon-Sat 10:30 am-9:30 pm
Sun closed
February 2008
Price range
Entrees/ Sushi Roll $5 - $10
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards
Viewable here

Davis Oshio Cafe is a Japanese/Korean restaurant and bar right off campus. Available with counter service are sushi rolls, udon, Korean/Japanese entrees like jajangmyeon (black soybean paste with meat and vegetables) and jjamppong (spicy noodle soup) and Korean/Japanese appetizers such as homemade mandu (dumplings), soft shell crab, Tteokbokki (broiled rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning), odeng (fish cake), and etc. They have daily entree specials which change daily. It usually includes an entree, rice, salad, and soup for $7.35 ($7.99 total with tax). Some of their staff, owners, or management also may have been involved with Mirai.

They also have Happy Hour $5 Sushi rolls after 5 pm.

This location used to house Yummy Guide Cafe and Mr. Chan's.

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2008-02-07 19:05:07   This place is fairly good for the money. The Jap Chae tasted quite good, and the pork chop special was tasty as well. The marinade had just the right blend of sweetness and saltiness. The California roll, that came with it, tasted like any other California roll. Overall the meal was a good deal at around 7 dollars, way better than the places that occupied the space previously. —MattHh

2008-02-13 12:54:01   Got the lunch special (popcorn chicken)...chicken is flavorful and not too spicy. The sides that came with the meal were really good too, and normally I'm not too keen on the sides that come with Japanese or Korean meals. Pretty good for a new place, but don't expect a really mind-blowing experience. Compared to Mr. Chan's and Yummy Guide, this place is freakin' awesome, but if you've gone to really good Japanese/Korean places around the Bay Area this place isn't too special. —wootywoo

2008-02-16 01:14:22   I got two orders of Teky Maki rolls, and enjoyed they them well enough for the price. I will definitely come here again. —kthrnngo

2008-02-20 14:29:40   I ordered the Soon Doon Boo today. My whole lunch cost around $10 because the cashier overcharged me for an extra bowl of rice. Although the Soon Doon Boo was tasty, they didn't give me enough rice (hence I had to order another bowl). Next time I'm ordering something cheaper. —EmilyTung

2008-02-21 16:55:13   cheap for dinner, and more korean food is appreciated. i feel more comfortable here than at manna —YooHyunOak

2008-02-22 20:16:35   The signage says Ramen, anyone try it there I've been hurtin for some noodle love. —ArmyDecoy

2008-02-24 18:21:44   Went here for lunch last Friday. Ordered the spicy ramen with octopus and eggs and also the special shrimp roll. The ramen comes in huge portions and so does the roll. Very good food for the price. will definitely go again. —RosaChou

2008-02-26 08:28:31   This is an awesome place. Sushi chef is really, really fast and the employees are friendly. —JJBaker

2008-02-29 15:31:19   After seeing all these good reviews, I have decided that I should perhaps give this place another try, although today's experience here made me extremely dissatisfied and angry.

I came in around 1:40, thinking that I could get a ramen and get out in time for the bus at 2:10, thinking that a reasonable restaurant would take no longer than 10 minutes to cook noodles and dump it into a soup stock and serve it. Totally wrong. After 25 minutes of waiting, my number finally gets called (how does it take a half hour to cook noodles?)and as the server is prepping my bowl of noodles onto a plate, he spills the entire thing and says I will probably have to wait a long time to get another one. I speedily got a refund and just made it in time for my bus home, furious and still hungry.

If you want to eat here, expect longer waits than the previous restaraunts that have been at this location, even for just noodles. I could have cooked pasta in that time, outrageous. —jonniu

  • I really apologize for the long wait. Today was extremely busy maybe because of the story in THE AGGIE. I also apologize for spilling your food, I was just overwhelmed with the work and I must have been clumsy. And your right, it doesn't take that long to cook some noodles, but when there is 5-6 orders ahead who wants BBQ or donburi, it just adds up. Please don't be discouraged to come. Actually the cook made your noodles again holding up other orders, but I had already given you your refund. Once again I apologize.
  • Oh man, how can you not feel bad after reading that nice apology, jonniu!? Go give that guy a hug. —KenjiYamada

2008-02-29 17:04:52   I enjoyed this spot but I have to second jonniu's comment: wait times are kinda intense. Once I was fed it was a solid amount of tasty food for a reasonable price and like all the places on this street, you can't beat the location. —CraigFergus

2008-03-01 19:37:35   Food cooked here isn't meant to be fast. I ordered an Unagi Donburi to go. I got around5 slices of Unagi, and the wait was around 30 minutes. The portions aren't very big but there good enough for a someone without a huge appetite. I saw the Sushi chef make custom sushi rolls for a couple, I think thats pretty cool. I'll try the sushi some time soon. —AmyTrinh

2008-03-10 22:50:17   Went in at noon on a Monday, and service was pretty quick (there were only a few other people there when we had arrived, but soon began to fill). We finished eating and were able to leave within half an hour after ordering. I think the food there is pretty decent, although their prices seemed slightly higher compared to other places if you're going there for lunch. My boyfriend did NOT enjoy the Hae Dup Bop and said the tuna wasn't very good. Overall, I wouldn't mind coming back and trying the other items on their menu. —at86

2008-03-11 18:34:32   Unfortunately, there just aren't any great restaurants serving authentic Korean food in Davis. I'm glad this place is here because I dislike Manna, but it isn't anything special compared to what you can find in Sacramento or the Bay area or even other college towns. Every time I've been here, I've been particularly disappointed with the rice - undercooked and seemingly low quality. —Ami

2008-03-12 01:33:01   Got the sexy sexy roll...and the super dragon roll. To go! Awesome. best sushi in davis...I gotta go back and check out dining in. but based on the 2 rolls we had tonight — this place is me and my boyfriend's new favorite sushi spot! We'll definitely be back. They even hooked it up with hella sriachi sauce! Yes i said hella... and this place is hella good! —crashbeach

2008-03-12 14:59:31   I had the spicy squid ramen there today and it was the biggest disappointment. The ramen is basically an instant noodle ramen plus a little bit of vegetables, a tiny amount of squid, and an egg. So you are basically paying $7 for a instant noodles. Hopefully, the other food on the menu won't be as bad. —justinhu

2008-03-16 18:54:23   I love their bibimbap! It is basically a rice dish with pickled vegetables, mairnated beef, topped with a fried egg and some hot sauce and other stuff I dont remember. Mix it all together and it is heaven. This place is a little bit pricey, but it is worth it! —AlexN

2008-03-28 09:44:34   Why am I the only one here who thinks this place is terrible? My hunch is someone has been deleting the comments...

I went with a friend and we ordered Cha Shiu noodles, a lunch special and a roll. The noodles were instant-noodley and the sushi roll's insides were cooked! The chef apparently left our roll in the deep fryer and served it to us when the outsides were nearly charred and textured like cardboard and the rice inside 'melted' together. If you MUST go to Oshio only get the lunch special, that is, if you don't mind browned avocado. —senioritis

2008-04-02 19:51:38   Okay, I posted a bad rating this afternoon and it has been deleted... Hmm...

This place does not serve good food. I paid $7 for 2 packs of Korean "Shin" ramen with some veggies. It was totally a ripoff and I WILL NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone. —MooMoo

2008-04-02 19:53:55   Well, this cafe is already making itself suspicious because my honest opinion of this place was deleted. As I said before, I tried their Soon Doo Boo and it was the worst Korean dish I have had in my life. As a pure native Korean, I was disappointed in their food. On the bright side, I would recommend this place to someone who has never tasted Asian food.


2008-04-02 19:59:17   Oh yeah, if anyone deletes my comment(s) again. I will make flyers and pass it around on-campus so people will know how bad a place this is - Freedom of speech, if you know what that means. —MooMoo

2008-04-06 00:51:17   dude, moomoo? calm down dog. i ate at this place and its ok its not great or anything. but its worth going back to. i like the hwae dup bob. —halfhiphop

2008-04-09 19:56:25   order a ramen to go tonite and theres a fucking fly in the ramen!!! :( —Bancroft

2008-04-25 01:59:08   I ate here a few days ago, and I am extremely displeased. I ordered the lunch special while my friend ordered a rice bowl. It took us about 20 minutes to get our special. It wasn't even that busy. I open the box expecting the advertised beef ribs, rice and salad. The salad had no dressing. It was just cut up pieces of lettuce. I asked if it usually like this and the two people working whispered to each other and once turned to me and said,"It comes like that". I'm guessing they ran out and wanted to save face. My friend's order came about 15 minutes after I received mine. When we start eating, i take a bite out of my ribs, and it was extremely overcooked, but I ate it anyways because I didn't have time to stop by another place. The second piece had no bone in it, but I didn't really pay attention. I try and take a bite out of it, but instead of biting into meat, I bite into a squishy piece of fat. I spit it out, and the entire "rib" is a chunk of fat. Talk about low quality. I'm glad the rice was cooked correctly, but that's the only positive comment I have about this place. —hjin

2008-05-14 00:44:27   man i ate here again. that tiger roll is pretty bomb. i thought watevers about it. but i tried it with a friend and its pretty good, i got the lambada roll too, that one is good too but spicy, like you a weak saucer, then stay away. hahah but yeah second time going was pretty good. haha better than the first. —halfhiphop

2008-05-16 01:42:39   i don't understand why you guys would order ramen.... i'd only order that if i knew for sure it was going to be handmade stuff, and probably never order it in the states. i've only ordered korean food here when i have a craving though its a little different from the korean food i'm used to (from korea/LA) ..not in a bad way be wise about what you order, some things are expensive and other dishes are a good value when i ordered jjajang myun it took a while but it was worth it. the owner gave me extra rice and kimchee and there was a lot of pork in it, soo good. though jjajang myun is too salty (under any circumstances) to eat too often the bulgogi was ok,filling, it came out fast. in general i go here if i am very hungry because i always leave so full —YooHyunOak

2008-06-06 01:01:07   I went with two of my friends to Osio. I planned on getting vegetarian rolls, considering I have been a vegetarian for over 19 years, and damn... the vegetarian rolls are OVER-PRICED. $3+ for 6 rolls? I don't think so.. —xcutioners

2008-06-18 00:56:51   This place is bomb! I'm really picky about Korean food and sushi, but both were pretty good for a cheap price. The Dduk Mandoo Guk is the best! —Davisiite

2008-07-05 15:00:15   It was better having Yummy Guide around. This place is overpriced and has the worst service ever....hopefully it got better. I wouldn't know because I don't intend on ever going back. Their Korean food was bad and so is their Japanese food,but then again there are no good japanese restaurants in davis...... —islandboy12

2008-10-12 10:28:05   It's a very cozy place. They have a different lunch special everyday, but it's the same for every week. I think they should mix it up a little or make something new. Their rolls are made with care and they taste really good. —feichu-huya

2008-10-12 16:39:52   Some friends and I decided to finally check this place out for dinner over the weekend. Recieved our orders fairly quickly with the resturant semipacked. The portions were fair enough, and I did enjoy the cozy feel of the restraunt. Its pretty close to campus, I'd actually like to try it out for lunch one day too. —JimL

2008-10-28 15:17:51   I went here for an early dinner two weeks ago. I tried the Katsu Donburi and it was pretty good; better than some Japanese/Korean I've had around the Bay. I've been walking pass the place a few times and the lunch specials sound good. They've been recently advertising happy hour special where sushi rolls are all five dollars each after 5PM. Not a bad deal. Some of the menu items are a bit pricey though. —AnonymousStudent

2008-11-23 18:17:35   I went here during the night they have the "Happy Hour." I was very unsatisfied with the wait. My friend and I waited for a total of an hour for our order and there were mistakes in our orders. Of course after a long wait, you would expect the food to be good and as least worth the wait, but no, the food were decent and they did not give out alot according to the pictures on the menu. —watever918

2008-11-26 19:13:54   Most of my meals here have been very good (especially the vegetarian items), although one or two were just OK. The miso soup isn't my favorite. Service isn't super-speedy but it's not unreasonable, either, and they are very friendly. The outdoor patio is a nice space — there's an overhang and you're protected from the wind and the street a bit. Overall, I like it quite a bit. —CovertProfessor

2008-12-02 12:14:03   Ate lunch there (on a weekday). Fast service (and you can watch some j-dramas on their TV while waiting). The food was good, and being from Cupertino, I'm picky. Very reasonable prices, and a very convenient location, perfect for lunch. —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

2008-12-03 20:24:24   Coming from the BayArea, it's needless to say that I have ate better Japanese food/ rolls back home than in Davis. But Oshio Cafe offers decent Japanese food for the $ you pay. I have been there many times & their customer service is good to decent quality. I don't really have any big complaints about the place. I recently became a salmon lover & I enjoy eating salmon every now & then. FRIDAY is the salmon lunch special. Of all the times I ate there, I only had 1 incident where the salmon didn't taste right ( NOTICEABLY )... unfortunately for them & for me I guess?!?!? that I stop ordering salmon from them but I still order other things from their menu.

There is however one thing that does noticeably strike me is why is it that most of their made sushi rolls don't look like the picture in the Pic Menu. I know, I know that sushi rolls don't have to look like an exact replica but I would like my rolls to look similar or at least somewhat to the Picture Menu. For example, I ordered the Caterpillar and the Rocky Roll there many times & it doesn't look like the pic at all. It's not a Big Bother for me but it's what I noticed.

TRIVIA = I DARE anyone to ASK them..." Why is it that the made sushi rolls don't look like what I ordered from the picture menu?" (.....for fun, for kicks...haha) —AlyceeLeung

2008-12-09 10:59:16   I ate here and it was horrible. My friend got something here and it actually tasted decent. I suppose it depends on what you order. —renee415

2009-01-14 00:17:38   I went to this place right before a meeting and only had half an hour to eat. I ordered a Super California Roll, and it was only $5 because it was after 7 pm. I only waited less than 5 minutes for my order, and the sushi was pretty good especially considering the price! I would recommend this place if you are a student on a budget who doesn't want to spend more than $10 on a quick meal. They charged $3 for miso soup, which I thought was a little too much for a small bowl. —AmanpreetSingh

2009-01-25 03:19:19   the happy hour sushi is filling but aint all that special. what u expect from $5 sushi haha. but yeah, i LOVE the hwae bim bap #D10 entree though! a must try if u like sashimi (it has sashimi, seaweed salad, veggies, rice, and a special sauce, yum!). the ba bim bap rice bowl (however you spell it) is better at Manna though. —gato

2009-02-02 14:02:09   $5 after 7 pm is the best sushi deal I've ever gotten. It's not the most gourmet sushi ever, but you'll usually only have to wait 5 minutes for your order to be ready. This is a great place to grab some food after evening classes and still have some money in your wallet for dessert afterward. —AmanpreetSingh

2009-02-02 18:58:43   I love this place. The sushi is hella good and cheap. —MilindIsALiar

2009-03-02 18:28:48   I thought this place was good at first, but it is terrible!!! First off, they take almost 30 minutes to 45 minutes to make your food. The miso soup is bland and it taste like it was in a powder packet mixed with water! I ordered the Honey Honey roll, and it was just gross! I paid $8.00 for the roll, and only received a small sliced six pieces! What a waste of money! I originally ordered two items...and of course they forget to make the second item!! I watched 5 other customers get their items before I had to go up there and tell the clerk that they forgot to make the second item!!! The girl who was at the counter was listening to her IPOD when I was ordering, and that's why they forgot my order! Moments later, her friend walks in and he stands at the counter talking to the clerk....while ignoring customers! HOrrible customer service + Nasty food = I will never return to this place ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —lalabobo

2009-04-02 13:32:30   The first time I went here, the food was really good (and cheap!) and the staff was great.

However, I just went again last night and the service was terrible! Provided it was the first day for one of the employees, but she screwed up our order 3 times when trying to enter into the cash register. It took 30 minutes to get our food, and when we finally did get it they left out the sushi roll I ordered. When I told the staff about this, it took them another 10 minutes just to get the roll put together but they continued to serve people who ordered after us. The food was still great, but give yourself plenty of time to eat if you go here. —StephanieRobinson

2009-05-08 21:09:33   Be prepared to wait 30-40 minutes for your sushi. —strawberry

2009-05-14 01:05:41   I go there for the Jeyuk Bokkeum or stir fried pork. It's their best dish and I highly recommend it! The lady there is sooooooooooooooooo nice to me and gives me extra rice if I want! Try the stir fried pork! You wont regret it!! :) —alexlee333

2009-05-30 14:47:26   The $5 rolls are better than anything else priced about that range, but the people are slow, often lose your order and are pretty rude. They annoyingly scream the numbers, swear, storm around, and just create a negative atmosphere in the place. It's a bunch of guys in their early 20s that are the problem, they also play annoying music, way too loud. Outside is nice, and yeah, really be prepared to wait. It's really slow. —FloridianPlywood

  •  —I don't understand why you would complain about student workers in a college town. What else would you expect? I can see how sometimes us "barbarian" college students can get a little loud, but cut us a break. We didn't choose to live in Davis, we came here to get an education. So, in a sense, our reason for belonging here is actually more legitimate than that of the town people. And you rarely hear us talking smack about the older folk, even though we have every right to: we don't understand where you guys are coming from! However, you (FloridianPlywood) obviously used to be a young adult, so unless you were a complete loner loser, you should understand how college students function. We're young, healthy, alive, loud, and we're fvcking proud of it. If you don't like it, then stay in your comfortable quiet home, or order to-go so you can have the least amount of human interaction. And just to set the record straight, I am not associated with Oshio at all.—Kafani

2009-07-09 21:52:16   I ran in here just before closing to heal a spider roll craving. It was really tasty and service was prompt and friendly. I think in places like this you have to order mindfully; restaurants aren't vending machines, and there is always human error. Also, I suspect Kafani is the kind of bastard that feels righteous shoving his values down other people's throats in the most obnoxious ways possible. Why don't YOU confine yourself to your home where you can perform elitist mental masturbation until glorious climax, and let college students LIKE ME enjoy the town without your aggravating presence? Townies have vested interest in this city since they plan on sticking around, while you are clearly just taking a crap in somebody else's lawn and bragging about it for some unfathomable reason. —JaneKostina

  •  —Wow, you summarized all that through reading one of my posts? I'm sorry if I offended your family or something, but go cry a river elsewhere. I know when to be civil, and I know when to be a college kid. If anything, you should be outraged when ignorant adults hate on teens and act like they've never gone through that phase themselves. Instead, you're kissing their ass and trying to pick fights with other college students based solely on your own false accusations? If you could stop PMSing for one second and look at what point I was trying to get across in my post, you would see that we have the same points of view on the actual restaurant itself. Save your bullshit analysis of my personality, I don't need a wannabe psych major trying to predict how I live my life. You're so wrong its laughable.—Kafani

2009-07-20 13:34:47   Had the #1 special today and the pork tonkatsu was fried until it was like jerky. I got the order within 5 minutes though, so it wasn't too bad. The CA roll was delish, even though there were only 3 pieces. —trinhj

2009-07-21 07:43:35   I love their bibimbap (비빔밥) and their hwedupbap (회덮밥) is okay too. My friend ordered their nengmyun (냉면) once and let me try it and I thought it tasted pretty bad. I guess the prices are okay. I still think it's a bit much for Korean food but they do give you a big plate of it. —thisisht

2009-08-20 23:22:53   I ordered Kim Chi Fried Rice with Pork today for ~7$ and was not disappointed. They gave a large portion (the bowl is large). It was spicy which I really liked. To top that off, they gave free water to their customers. However, the soup that comes with the dish tasted like soy sauce and vinegar, though I'm not certain whether this is how korean soup tastes like. —WengFF

-WengFF: I forgot to mention that about a week later, I got a bad case of stomach flu. It could possibly have been from this restaurant.

2009-08-25 17:19:46   I forgot what was the name of the roll I ordered. It was under 5 dollars to begin with so I asked if it was okay to add cucumbers in addition to the avocado and salmon and have it still be worth 5 dollars(because of the deal after 7:PM). What I got was that AND topped with toasted sesame seeds. I dont know if they usually do that to every roll, but it was AMAZING! the toasted sesame was so fragrant! When I went, it was fairly peaceful and the order came out quick. Ill come back here, but I wont expect the toasted sesame again, but if I can I'll try to ask the chef about it =). —chand3123k

2009-09-15 13:19:39   Really relaxed atmosphere and great food. Enjoyed the TanTan Ramen greatly whilst watching Iron Man. Great place, inexpensive and unpretentious, will go back for sure. —Alex

2009-10-03 08:57:06   First I'll say when this place first opened, it was not too bad. But the more I went, the worse it got. It's really disappointing because I really wanted to give this restaurant a chance to prove me wrong. Anyway, I think I had my last meal when I took a friend there for lunch yesterday. We went there at 12 and she had class at 1. I figured it was close to campus so she could make it to her class on time. We ordered at 12:14 and took a seat. Okay, this is one of the worse part... when my friend sat, the CHAIR completely BROKE. She's quite skinny so I'm pretty sure it was not her weight. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but still that place should be sued for having something like that! Anyway, we decided to just get our food to go since my friend was going to be late for class. It was at 12:50 that they finally got to our orders... supposedly the computer was messed up or something and it skipped, of all people, just our orders. WTF? Anyway, the orders were messed up because when I finally got to eating my food, it was her order!


2009-10-21 11:57:04   The food is good for the price. As far as sushi is concerned, not amazing, but what can you really expect from $5 rolls. The rest of their dishes are pretty good. —waterlilees

2009-12-09 22:42:29   If you get the $5 discounted sushi rolls, they charge you tax based on the original price of the item and not the discounted price. —RossD

2010-02-08 11:01:07   not horrible, not great.... so-SO. order can sometimes be slow especially if you come in at the wrong time. THe $5 sushi roll does seem like a good deal though. Why do all the "korean" restaurants in Davis also serve sushi and Japanese food? it makes me wonder.... —carpenoctum

  • Korean/Japanese food restaurants are pretty popular in California, they are basically japanese restaurants run by korean owners or staff, so they offer korean food too. Sushi Unlimited has a korean menu. What's weird is that a lot of Chinese run sushi places do not serve chinese dishes, too. —KellyM

2010-02-13 11:30:14   This is by far my favorite sushi restaurant in Davis. All rolls are $5 after 5pm???!!! DUDE, I'm so there. Not only were the rolls extremely fair priced, but the quality exceeded that of every other sushi bar in town, except for matching Fuji's. It's cheaper to buy rolls from Oshio than to pay 13 to 15 dollars for a buffet. I highly recommend the sexy sexy roll, and the deep fried cream cheese roll with fish (I forgot the name) is the best roll I have ever had. Don't waste your time or money going to any other sushi restaurant. PS: The first time I went there, I waited 45 minutes for my food. When I gave it a second chance, I waited 10 minutes for my food, so waiting time varies. —aaron530

2010-02-22 14:02:14   I've only come here a handful of times, but from what I've ordered and seen, it seems hit or miss. But even the misses aren't bad. The first time I ever went, I ordered a soup dish and it was a bit salty (which was fine for me since I like salty) but nothing exceptional. A later time I've gone, I ordered the same thing and it was great. Also, for $5 rolls (after 5pm), you can't expect them to be kissing your feet. You pay for what you get and their prices are pretty reasonable (not low, not high) for what it is. And I will definitely return. —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-04-04 23:25:07   This place is one of those little hole in the wall restaurants that you stumble upon one day and realize just what you've been missing. The sushi here is quite good, and an excellent value if you get the rolls after 5 PM. Unlike the all you can eat places, you can not get all you can eat. Also, you do not have a great deal of variety. There are maybe 8 or 10 different kinds of rolls to choose from, and you can only order rolls, not individual pieces of sushi. On the other hand, the rolls are really good, and at $5 a roll, you can try another if you don't like what you ordered. Time to get my order was about 10 minutes, with a line of people ahead of me. Recommended.

On the IDoNotExist SushiMeter(TM), Oshio scores a 7/10 for the sushi, and a 5/10 overall (mainly due to the limited variety). —IDoNotExist

2010-06-10 11:16:04   YUMMY sushi for only $5! best deal in davis. just call it in cause it takes a while —MissAmyLu

2010-06-13 00:57:20   the $5 deal and friends that work there are the only times i go there. the food there isn't just satisfying for me and it's pricey. (ex. kimchi fried rice, bibimbap, the noodles) —binladen

2010-06-13 19:54:38   The WORST Tempura Ice Cream I've ever had and one of the LOWEST quality sushi rolls ever made.

Don't be fooled by "$5.00 all rolls" . I ordered the Alaska Roll and it was one of the most disgusting looking and lowest quality tasting Sushi Rolls I've ever had (see picture taken . ) Is that not disgusting? And the meat in the sushi was pretty much extinct. The rice itself was dry and brittle! How in the world are you going to serve up dry brittle rice that is the scrapings off the bottom of the rice cooker and then CHARGE for it claiming 'happy hour' price? I was not happy.

The tempura Ice cream was completely coated in 10+ layers of tempura batter, so much so that the batter closest to the ice cream was still.. BATTER! HOW GROSS! It was like it was wrapped in tempura the thickness of three I-Hop pancakes.

The people that work here are Korean. I asked for my tempura ice cream to be eaten there and the sushi to go. (Mind you guys, I do speak some Korean... see my previous reviews) the woman repeated back to me what I said to confirm she understood, then screamed my order back that I wanted both to go.. adding "SO THEY CAN LEAVE WE GO EARLY " in Korean to the person in the back. Hello lady, I understood what you just said. You want me to leave so you ignore that I said I wanted to eat the ice cream there? HOW FREAKING RUDE!


If you aren't shocked enough yet by the extremely low quality of the Sushi here:

I can't over emphasize how disgusting the experience of this place will give you. Save yourself hard earned $ and skip Oshio Cafe. For as disgusting as the experience and food was here, this place should be paying YOU to put their food in your mouth.

I don't care if you are a student on a budget, I wouldn't even hand this out to homeless people. —echosaisis

  • I want to hazard a guess and say that this person went to the restaurant just as it was closing. That doesn't excuse poor service, of course, but it's rare to get good service at the end of the day when people want to go home (e.g., they are not likely to cook up a new batch of rice just for you). Other oddities about this review: the person refers to previous reviews, but their edit history only shows reviews for this restaurant. And personally, I can't tell anything from that blurry picture. Again, I'm not denying that this person had a bad experience, since I wasn't there, but I just wanted to point out some caveats. —CovertProfessor

2010-06-14 18:13:28   covertprofessor: Im referring to my other reviews which are on over 100 . This place was not due to close for another 3 hours when I was there. petty —echosaisis

2010-06-30 00:23:59   So I have been here a few times and the worst thing about this place has to be the wait. Usually when I order food, it can take twenty to thirty minutes for them to finish. Once I phoned in an order thirty minutes ahead of picking it up and still ended up waiting twenty minutes when I got there (I guess they did not start making the food until I got there?) Anyway, the sashimi and nigiri are slightly better quality than what you would find in a buffet (basically not frozen but not disgustingly warm), California rolls are just California rolls with nothing special, and most of the entrees on the daily specials are very greasy and come in small portions. I also had tried the bibimbap here at one point and they just poured the oil on or something. Definitely much better at Manna. The food here is okay, but not great. Prices are slightly high and service is a little slow. Not someplace I would choose to go very often. —hankim

2010-06-30 02:33:57   Agreed about the wait. It usually takes at least 10 minutes, even when I'm the only one there. When there are several people ahead of me, it takes a *very* long time. —IDoNotExist

2010-12-15 22:59:33   I'm sorry to come here and write a negative review for this place because the sushi man seemed nice. I came in and at first glance the place seemed decent and okay overall. However as I waited for my food, I noticed how cluttered things were. They had random items like dirty house slippers, power tools, mail, and lots of bills. I just don't think these items should be around a restaurant and should be kept inside your home. I ordered breaded pork with egg and was not satisfied with the food at all. It cost over $7 with tax and the portion was really small. It did come with soup but the fact that I couldn't choose what type of soup was a disappointment because I am not fond of miso soup. I just assumed the breaded pork would be crispy because that is how breaded pork is served but it was soggy and lacking any flavor. And could someone tell me where I get water in this place because I did not get any water when I ate in. Surprisingly, I was the only one in the restaurant so I didn't expect them to have such an unfriendly waitress and bad food. The cleanup service is similar to Orange Hut but I prefer Orange Hut food over this place. Overall, I don't think I'll be returning here even though I've only been here once. It has been an unpleasant experience and I would have to say one of the worsts restaurants I've been to in Davis. —Kenny0427

Um the water is in your face when you walk in the front door...just a heads up. Also I do have to say that theses sorts of meals always come with miso soup (at least in my experience) so I never expect anything else. Can't speak to the soggy pork though! —OliviaY

2011-01-19 20:58:40   super annoying, waited 30 minutes for food today, and it was not that good and at $8 not that cheap for the amount of food I got. dont go here —JohannaGriffin

2011-02-12 15:34:34   I used to eat here fairly often when I lived in the dorms last year. The food is fairly good for the price. I'm not going to comment on the sushi because I don't eat sushi, but whenever I went I got ramen. Good ramen for a good price; I always got the miso ramen, and occasionally the cha su ramen. The noodles were always good, although sometimes the soup was a bit too salty. If you go there during peak hours, the quality of food is not as good [obviously] compared to if you go during non-peak hours. Also, after I had been there a few times, the owners began to recognize me, especially the wife. I remember bringing my boyfriend with me one night for dinner when there were maybe 3 or 4 other people at the restaurant, and when our food was ready, she actually brought it out to us to our table with the utensils and everything with a smile, which I found quite nice. Usually they just call your order number and you go get it yourself.

The main gripe I have about this place is definitely the wait, like everyone else said. It's anywhere from 20-30 minutes usually, but it was close to campus for me so I would endure the wait instead of going to another place. Obvious tip: go during non-peak hours and your service will definitely be better. —kimmisan

2011-03-26 16:40:17   Love this place. The sushi is good, I always get the Yami Yami roll, and the Sexy Sexy roll. Sometimes the Samurai roll. I've never been disappointed. Service is pretty slow, especially if you go after 5 when all rolls are $5. But the wait is worth it because the sushi chef is really, really good at what he does. Lunch combinations are also pretty good, $8 is pretty steep for a college town but I always have extras left over and you can mix and match what you want in your combo. I definitely recommend this place, but I also strongly recommend waiting until after 5 to go. If you are strapped for time, call ahead and your rolls should be ready within 20 minutes. —OliviaHenry

2011-05-04 13:50:18   My wife and I were on the way to Raja's and decided to try Davis Oshio instead. The sidewalk sign advertized a beef Kim Chi stew. We asked for a small sample and they said they couldn't do it as they had to cook a whole portion. We asked if it was spicy and they said no, not spicy unless we wanted it spicy. They repeatedly assured us that it was very good and we would love it. We ordered mild, not spicy, and waited a good 20 minutes before we were served. The stew had only the tiniest bits of pork, and was so spicy that neither of us could eat it. We walked out after taking a couple of bites and went over to Raja's and had a good lunch. In fairness, they offered to redo it for us, but we didn't have another 20 minutes and it was unclear how they could make mild/not spicy less so. —JimStewart

2011-07-04 15:05:36   So ive read a good few reviews on the quality of their food that kinda put them down. But i have to say, best sushi in town at the moment since osaka's closed :( So if your reading the negative reviews and thinking about not trying it out, please go try out their sushi! —Sameskay

2012-01-25 09:42:14   Went there for the first time. Very cold day and I wanted soup. My friend had been there and suggested trying it. It never looked inviting and the reviews weren't enough to convince me. I had the ramen special with a california roll. Both were delish. I will be back. —LokiAbbi

2012-05-10 13:57:28   today I ordered the special bento 1 (Teriyaki chicken, ton katsu, CA roll, salad). I've eaten the rolls here before with great pleasure so I thought I would pop in for a little bento. The food quality was outrageously bad. The rice on my CA roll was just a slime of rice all over wet soggy nori. The salad was a mixture of carrot and iceberg lettuce destroyed with watered-down thousand island dressing. The teriyaki chicken (which tasted like it was frozen and reheated) was admittedly edible. The Ton Katsu was cripsy, although terribly dry and bland... The sauce that was put on top of it tasted like a plastic ketchup (Not traditional in the least). The rice that they gave me was fluffy and perfect. Overall, with tip, I felt cheated out of $10; it had to be THE worst meal I have ever had in Northern California. I called, trying to let the waitstaff know that their chef was slacking off. I was polite, explaining my order and why I was displeased; within 40 seconds into my call the waitress hangs up on me! Never. Going. Back. —HonestJane

2012-05-12 09:05:23   Came here for dinner for the first time after walking past the restaurant for months and wondering how it was. Their $5 happy hour sushi rolls are an amazing deal. While it's not the best sushi in town, the quality is more than decent and given the price, it's probably the best deal on sushi in town. We had to wait awhile for the rolls—3 rolls took about 20 minutes to make, and it wasn't even very crowded. However, 15 minutes into the wait we asked them to switch our order from dine-in to take-out and they were able to do so without any problem, which was nice. I'm not sure I'd ever go here for dinner if I wasn't already in the area, but if I'm walking by and it's after 5pm, I'm sure I'll drop by again. —AlexHirsch

2012-12-08 20:07:47   Don't let the comments keep you away from trying this place out. It is fairly good for it's money, and really good to try asian cuisine. I recently tried their fried oreos and it was really good! 3 for 1.61 [including tax]. Admittedly, they are pretty slow at cooking, so don't come here for a quick meal. It's also a fairly nice place to simply sit down and study since it's pretty quiet and empty -unfortunately no wifi! —luonMartinez

2013-03-02 21:27:45   I have been quite dissatisfied with the service here three out of the four times I have been here. I am not a customer that is peculiar or difficult to please. —lucianatalie

2014-11-08 14:58:40   Now empty and closed according to the Davis Enterprise's Comings & Goings. —MichelleNguyen