Requested Topics (Teachers Needed!)

Note: Everyone is welcome to teach! We're looking for more involvement from townies, elders, and professors!

In High Demand

  • "Yoga" (many requests)
  • "Craft stuff in general" (many requests)
  • "cooking classes (vegan, international cuisine, delicious treats, etc.) (many requests)
  • "Guitar" (many requests)
  • "Singing" (ooh or a community choir!) (multiple requests)
  • "Rolling a whitewater kayak" (multiple requests)
  • "good hiking spots (and outdoor skills in general)" (multiple requests)
  • "human sexuality" (multiple requests)

Other Requested Topics

(Listed by category)

  • "Guitar" (many requests)
  • "African Drumming"
  • "Harmonica classes"
Gettin' Crafty
  • "crafty things"
  • "Tour of Davis Cooperative Communities"
  • "Sewing"
  • "Beading"
  • "Wool processing"
  • "Soap milling"
  • "LED lights crafting"
  • "making LEGO men out of felted wool"
DIY Building, Maintenance, & Design
  • "Build your own bike trailer"
  • "Basic bicycle tune-up"
  • "Interior design"
  • "Landscaping"
  • "Home improvement techniques"
  • "small appliance troubleshooting"
  • "kite-making"
  • "basic car maintenance"
  • "computer diagnostic course"
  • "computer skills for first time users"
Culinary Arts
  • "cooking classes (vegan, international cuisine, delicious treats, etc.) (many requests)
  • "hard cheese making"
  • "Baking edibles"
  • "cake sculpturing"
  • "knife skills (in kitchen)"
Visual & Performing Arts
  • "spoken word workshops"
  • "creative writing workshop"
  • "drawing/painting"
  • "Singing" (ooh or a community choir!) (multiple requests)
  • "photography"
  • "mosaic"
  • "film-making"
  • "painting"
Sustainability & Plants
  • "anything to do with sustainability"
  • "art forms or crafts that help make one's life more self sufficient"
  • "Organic Gardening"
  • "Tree pruning/propagation"
  • "Wild foods in Davis" - let's go collect some and eat a salad!
  • "Small Farming skills"
  • "community supported agriculture"
  • "backyard chickens"
  • "plant propagation"
  • "canning"
  • "simple home techniques to promote sustainability (i.e. rainwater harvesting)"
  • "things from other cultures"
  • "Introduction to Islam"
  • "Conversational Spanish and/or French"
  • "any kind of multicultural-literacy"
  • "english classes (either conversational or writing skills)"
Circus, Magic, & the Occult
  • "juggling"
  • "Witchcraft"
  • "Tarot"
  • "Magic secrets"
Giving back/Awareness:
  • "Food Not Bombs Training"
Health & Well-Being
  • "Massage therapy"
  • "Karma Sutra"
  • "Yoga" (many requests)
  • "Human Sexuality"
  • "assertiveness training"
  • "Tai chi"
  • "meditation techniques"
  • "old school games (things grandma&pa played when kids)"
Community Skills
  • "group facilitation"
  • "bike safety"
  • "nonviolent communication"
  • "peer counseling"
Outdoors Activities
  • "Rolling a whitewater kayak" (multiple requests)
  • "good hiking spots (and outdoor skills in general)" (multiple requests)
  • "Bear Grylls like classes / outdoor survival"
  • "What's the difference between a degree and an education?"
  • "How we raise our kids (as compared to other cultures)"
  • "a speaker series for international mothers or recent immigrants who applying their parenting traditions to their new or host country"
  • "Davis history"
  • "Education and pedagogy"
  • "film viewing with an expert/film history person who can give a talk or explain something significant re: the film, any kind of geekery class"
  • "Buddhism"
  • "debates"
  • "2010 election breakdown (separate from politics & pancakes)"
  • "Prop 19 Debate"
  • "lectures from professors on pertinent issues"
  • "Current events/politics"