Workshop/Event Application

To submit a workshop or event to the Davis People's Free School, e-mail the following information to


Including your name would be a nice way to be able to identify who you are!

Public Contact

Where can people reach you? Use a phone number or e-mail address that you feel comfortable giving out to strangers, as this will be the contact information we give out so students can reach you.


1) Either pick an arbitrary date that works for you, or 2) if you're only willing to do a workshop when you know "enough people will show up," then include a list of possible dates and times that work for you & a minimum number of attending students to make it worth your while. If you choose this method, a scheduling poll will be attached to the end of your event listing on our calendar. To see how many people have indicated availability for each date/time, click on the link next to your event called "Click here to enroll!" Once the minimum number is reached for a particular date, the scheduling poll will be removed and that date/time will be listed next to your class listing. Please check the listing every so often to check for the decided class date/time. Also, if your availability changes, please inform DPFS right away at


Offer up your living room, find a public space, get permission to a private facility, or ask us for help. If you need a specific type of location and don’t have access to it, give us the description of the requirements and we'll see what we can do to make it happen. Keep in mind off-campus locations tend to have bigger turnouts.


- must be open to everyone regardless of age, gender, student/non-student status, ethnicity, religion, etc. - purpose/style must be participatory and create a supportive environment for everyone to share and learn. - teachers many not charge except for the exact cost of required materials (e.g. the raw metal for a metalsmithing class). In addition, the workshop must be open to everyone; to the best of the instructor's ability (e.g. those that didn't bring or can't afford metal will be allowed to watch demonstrations at the metalsmithing class). - Admission to the venue must be free. - No hate speech.

*Note: DPFS reserves the right to reject workshops for new reasons other than those listed above, especially in cases that the workshop does not adhere to our Mission Statement." If you would like to discuss why your workshop was rejected (rejection is rare), please email us! We're nice people!

If your workshop for some reason does not meet our requirements, have it anyway! Or, see if you can change it to meet our requirements and then resubmit your proposal!

Does that make sense?

Feel free to email in with questions.

What do the people of Davis want to learn?

Want ideas for what to teach? Here's a list compiled from our community interest survey!

If your workshop meets all of our requirements, it will be included in our calendar.

In terms of publicity, we:

  • post fliers
  • constantly update our website (
  • get people excited by word of mouth!
  • post in the Aggie, the EC catalog, the Davis Food Co-op monthly newsletter, etc.

We were interviewed for DCTV & KDRT and will post the weblink ASAP to our episode of the show! Soon, we hope to get a full article in the Aggie, the Enterprise, and the SacBee.

If you'd like to help with publicity or organizing, let us know.