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Meeting Times
Sundays 3-5pm
Meeting Location
Wellman 115 (or somewhere in Wellman Hall)

2014 Winter Kits

Davis Plastic Models is a campus organization that was founded to build plastic models. Although the majority of DPM is centered around Gundam as Gundam kits are the easiest to obtain, we do have a small but passionate community of people who make military kits.

Our goal is to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our builders to come hang out and build their model kits in the presence of their fellow peers. We also provide a service where people who are new to this hobby can seek assistance from our more experienced club members. This allows members to rapidly improve in ways they could have never achieved alone. Members are encouraged to give and receive help on different aspects of plastic models.

Although obtaining model kits and Gunpla may be difficult, Davis Plastic Models has a distributor, Model Grade that offers us discounts on various products.

At the beginning of each quarter, we offer heavily discounted beginner Gunpla kits, and we teach people who may be new to the hobby the tips and tricks to being a good builder. Of course, existing members also have access to the group buy, and usually participate in the order as well. However, at the end of the quarter, we do a bulk purchase from Modelgrade. The group buy is discounted as well (usually 10-15%) and comes in at the beginning of the following quarter. We use any extra remaining group funds to subsidize purchases as well.

Meetings are in Wellman 115, or whatever room in Wellman Hall that we happen to find open. In the case of three day weekends, we'll either be in one of the Tercero lounges or somewhere else on campus (wherever we can get in).

During meetings, we just build stuff and have fun. Usually every week we'll have a short tutorial on a different aspect of building, so newcomers will learn a lot. DPM also has a variety of basic tools (flush cutters, knives, etc) that are free of use to anyone, but paid members have priority if there's a dispute over who gets access. Bring your kits to club and have fun!

Membership is $5 per quarter, and is just to secure the funds to replace club equipment and purchase new stuff for the club. Whatever isn't spent is saved up to a cap, and then used to subsidize for the bulk order or new member kits. Members get priority on club tools, as well as the ability to participate in the bulk orders at the end of the quarter.

Occasionally DPM will also have activities outside of club. For instance, DPM will make occasional trips to Hobbytown in Vacaville to pick up painting supplies.


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