Davis Players Society (aka: DPS) is an all male social group on Campus. The Davis Players Society is modeled off the Westmont Players Society, which exists in Campbell, California.


The Davis Players Society was created in 2002 after members of the Westmont Players Society moved to UC Davis. Due to the name, some mistakenly believe that DPS is full of womanizers or narcissists. On the contrary, DPS is nothing more than a group of friends who named their clique. So, instead of just playing poker with friends, you play poker with DPS. Instead of Nirmal having a party, DPS has a party.

The society has grown beyond Westmont High School alumni and occasionally holds gatherings like DPS Poker Night. Once and awhile you may see a DPS intramural sports team. (DPS softball went 1-3, even though they never showed up to one game).

Davis Players Society, or just Ben Lopez, was responsible for the creation of two AIM screen names that cataloged the parties for the evening. UCD Party Scene and the original DavisPartyScene being the most notable. Now almost all of the colleges in California have such screen names and we can all thank Benjamin Lopez Jr. DPS decided to stop running the screen name after the initial charm wore off. Although most people were happy about the screen name at first, months later many had grown to dislike them so DPS stopped signing on.

DPS also has also had a 4 Kings of Tercero in the last 3 years.

DPS Spring Formal in 2004

We had dinner in a Woodland hick restaurant, then a dance in Sorrento Apartments. Much like a prom night, there was a vote for DPS Spring Formal King and Queen. Grace Hall and Dan won. Even though THE PERV won, he was not present to claim his tiara. In December of 2004 they attempted to organize a fancy "Fall Ball" but had it postponed three times, and eventually postponed indefinitely, because everyone is so studious and lazy as hell.

Public Perception

There was never any controversy surrounding DPS until some wiki users started questioning the group's purpose and name. However, you needn't look at anyone in DPS for more than 2 seconds to know this is not a reference to abusing women. Instead, members of DPS play videogames and poker and occasionally defend themselves against criticism.

More Information

The DPS once had a website with photos and tidbits. However, geocities deleted it cause it had not been checked in over a year. For now there is a group on Facebook that you can look at if you are still curious.


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2009-10-04 13:01:16   Interesting, I went to Westmont High School and I never knew about the Westmont Players Society. But I did basically live under a rock. —hankim