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Davis Pole Dance Studio offers classes with emphasis on the fitness side of pole dancing. The classes are for women who would like to learn to pole dance to get fit, stay in shape, have fun and learn a new confidence-boosting skill.

Pole fitness is for women from all walks of life, no matter what their age as long as they are at least 18 years old. They offer small classes in comfortable surroundings, with professional instructors. Men are welcome, but leering is not. They need to actively take part in the classes, and dance exactly as they are taught.

We will guide you step by step and help you achieve all of the following.

  • Intense toning of your core (abdominal area), arms, gluts, legs and every muscle in your body.
  • Empowering yourself with renewed confidence and self-esteem.
  • Spice up your relationship and improve your self-expression.

Schedule: Mondays: 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm Tuesdays: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm* Wednesdays: 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm Thursdays: 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm* Saturdays: 11am, 12pm *Progressive class: contact the instructors for more information.

According to a May 9, 2011 article in the Aggie, they offer pole dance, lap dance, and burlesque classes, as well as private lessons. There are $10 drop-in classes at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. They recommend not having lotion on for the pole classes, since it can create a lot more friction.

  • This is a really fun way to get a good workout. You can have a great time working out by yourself or with a group of friends. Davis location is opening mid-April. You must be 18+, although it is open to all genders. Tiffee notes that she's had at least one male in every class she's taken.


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2011-05-30 14:32:14   Love, love, love it! Such a great work out and so much fun. —Tiffee

2012-01-20 23:14:45   Be careful when coming to this studio. It is extremely small. There are only 6 poles and due to popularity, the classes have been extremely full, like 2 or even 3 girls sharing a pole. There is not enough room to be safe with that many people, I have definitely been kicked. I have also kicked the wall, and I'm a short person, so that should give you an idea of how small this studio is. There is no AC or heater, which can affect your ability to stick on the pole. It it also very dirty in there. I know they try to clean, but when you walk out of there, your feet are black! Instructors are ok. Some let you go at your own pace and others may encourage you to try more difficult things, which can result in injury. I'm not sure if there is a set curriculum, but it does't seem like it.

It IS ridiculously cheap, but far safer to drive to their sacramento location where there is more space, awesome instructors, and it's clean! —Vero

2012-02-28 23:28:58   Love this studio!! I've been to both locations and have taken classes with several of the teachers. At the Davis studio the drop in classes are a great deal! $5 for a class, you can't go wrong. Yes the Davis studio is a little on the small side but as far as I know there are plans to expand it in the future. I"ve been going here since August and it has made me so much stronger as well as boosted my confidence —KathrynAzarvand

2014-01-19 00:05:10   The studio, as noted in the comments above, is quite small; there are six poles and it does get a bit crowded, though not consistently. The regular students know how to avoid collisions, but a bit of common sense can get anyone through safely. If one can do that, the class is actually very enjoyable. There's no AC or heating but, depending on the season, instructors may provide big fans or space heaters. The studio isn't luxurious. One shouldn't have too high of expectations for its appearance, considering the cost. $5 is a deal for students but it doesn't exactly buy the studio a facelift. That is not important, however, as long as the poles are good. That's what matters.

The Davis studio is taught by former/advanced students of the Sac studio and most of them, in my experience, have been fantastic. My first instructor was Taryn but she slowly had her former students take over the studio for her during the summer (2013) when she moved to Sac. Now there are four regular instructors at the Davis studio who are just as great. Warning: Jamie (Wednesday classes) will turn your muscles to mush. I was one of her first students and I stayed for all three sessions. . .Let's just say I was incapacitated until the following week.

My friends and I have been going to this studio for nearly a year now, so it is safe to say that we love it. Like any newcomer to the sport, I started off with a lot of anxiety and self-consciousness but I ended my first lesson wanting more. Anyone can do pole, no matter one's size, shape, or age. Women AND men are welcome to participate. I have seen a good number of men attending classes (regardless of gender preference). Many even outperform the women on certain moves! For those who enjoy things like parkour and freerunning, instructors are always more than happy to teach certain moves that would appeal to such crowds and these folks often fair well in pole dance. :D

Tips from regulars and pole vets: -Wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts(the shorter the better and you can get a pair of yoga shorts from Target for cheap). -Come dressed in your pole clothes; there is NO CHANGING ROOM. -DO NOT moisturize before going to pole or, if you have already put lotion on, be sure to thoroughly rinse it off before class, otherwise you'll slip and slide and that can get dangerous. -Though a limited amount will be provided, bring plenty of water. -Dance with bare feet. Don't bring your own shoes. The studio has heels more suitable for pole dancing if you wish to try them. -Keep an open mind and come for a spin! Check out this to get a few laughs and an idea of pole life: http://poledancingadventures.com/category/comics/page/11Catrina