Davis Police Community Advisory Board

The mission of the Davis Police Community Advisory Board is, "Using two way communications, improve relationships between the public and the police. To actively represent the community by articulating, advising and tracking community and police issues".

Davis Police Chief Jim Hyde formed the Community Advisory Board (CAB) in the fall of 2005. The CAB was (and is) designed to provide the Police Chief with face to face dialog with representatives of the community. Initially 12 members of the community were selected. Over the first 12 months of operation, five additional people have been added to increase and diversify the representation. Since participants came to CAB with a wide range of knowledge and experience in law enforcement, for the first six to seven months, the Chief and staff provided significant statistical data and training in a wide range of police issues. For example, citizen complaint investigation policies and practices were covered by the Professional Standards Sergeant. While training is on-going, the Board is now working on documentation that solidifies its purposes and practices (e.g, Mission Statement and Goals).

Selection and Service

The CAB is an advisory panel of 17 people representing a cross-section of the community based on race, religion, gender, representation (e.g., business community, UCD students) and other factors. The members are selected by the Police Chief with the City Manager’s approval and serve at the will of the Chief and the City Manager. Representatives do not serve a specific term. As the needs of the community and the police department change, the make-up of the CAB is expected to change. It is understood that membership will vary on an irregular basis to keep the outreach, input and ideas fresh. However, change will not be excessive in any calendar year. Unnecessary turnover can result in an unacceptable loss of historical and Board knowledge.

General Purpose

This board meets with the Police Chief on a monthly basis to provide input to the Chief regarding constituent concerns. Additionally, the CAB members take information away from the police department back into the community. This Board has broad public representation and input into the police department. Most importantly, CAB opens and sustains on-going dialogue with key members of the community on issues of mutual concern. It is worth noting that CAB achieves a recommendation made as part of the 2000 Arroyo Report and was a previously stated police department 2005-2008 Strategic Plan goal. The Citizen Advisory Board is an advisory panel and has no review or investigative power over complaint investigations.


This program has little cost to the City, as the citizens are volunteers, and only lunch is provided at meetings.


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month from 12:00pm - 1:30pm at the Davis Police Department. Meetings are not open to the public, however, CAB members may invite guests.


Community Advisory Board – 2006/07 Davis Police Department

Business Community Jeff Adamski, President, Chamber of Commerce Laura Cole-Rowe, Executive Director, Davis Business Association

Neighborhoods Allison Pohl, Sector 1, Community Leader Gen Sparks, Sector 2, Community Leader Linton von Beroldingen, Sector 3, Community Leader Carol Rosset, Sector 4, Community Leader

Faith Community Father Daniel Looney, Minister St. James Hamza El-Nakhal, Islamic Affairs, HRC Michelle Reardon, Congregation Bet Haverim, PTA Member

Educational Community Kevin French, Davis School District, Student Services Director Laduan Smedley, Jr. UCD Student Biomedical Engineering/Sophomore Dylan Schaefer, ASUCD Designee

Special Interest Representatives Shelly Bailes, Yolo Chapter of Equality - Gay/Lesbian Community Calvin Handy, UCD Chief of Police, Emeritus; African American Community Member Carlos Matos, Concilio of Yolo County My Diem Nguyen, Asian Community, DARE, Student Affairs Officer - UCD, Asian American Studies John Pamperin, Police/Community Liaison - HRC

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2007-03-28 17:28:05   I am really surprised, considering the history and demographics of Davis, that the Davis Police Community Advisory Board does not have a member to represent cyclists. It seems to me that the police and cyclists are at odds with each other from time to time, and there are many times when such a relationship would be helpful, such as with the recent Amgen Tour and the various locally organized rides. —DavidGrundler