Postcards are a great, inexpensive way to drop a line to the people you care about. (Parents and immediate family of students especially love this.) Postcards cost only 27 cents to mail (as of April 2009), and with postcards usually costing less than a dollar, they deliver a high "emotional impact for your dollar". Add any places you know of to the list, and include the price if you know it.


Postcard Books

Any ideas?

Postcard Stamps

Projects that used Postcards

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2018-07-10 23:41:28   Newsbeat no longer carries postcards. They said postcards didn't sell, but notecards still do. There are some notecards with photos of local Davis scenes like The Varsity Theatre, the water tower, etc. I just noticed that Davis Farmers Market says they sell postcards at the market booth. —spidra