General Meeting Times
Generally on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays 7pm or 8pm
General Meeting Location
1022 Life Sciences Addition, right between Sci Lec 123 and parking structure
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The Pre-Pharmacy Club at UC Davis...


Our mission is to expose our members to all aspects of pharmacy as a career, to equip our club members with the tools and knowledge necessary to be admitted to a pharmacy school, and to build lasting relationships that will provide for a mutually uplifting experience. We welcome students from all backgrounds who are interested in learning about a health profession that is rewarding and challenging.


Throughout each quarter, we provide workshops, presentations, and guest speakers to help equip you the knowledge of the pharmacy profession. The tools we provide are essential for students who need advice in their undergraduate years planning their class schedule, extracurriculars, and pharmacy school applications. We provide workshops, such as getting a pharmacy technician license and writing a personal statement, and various presentations to become a competitive pharmacy school applicant as well as Research and Education seminars (R&E) to be informed of health-care issues that surround pharmacy. We also provide guest speakers - pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy school faculty - to give you the inspiration and information on what it takes to become a pharmacist.


We also provide additional hands-on experience in the field of pharmacy by providing mentorship programs located in pharmacy schools including UCSF School of Pharmacy and UOP School of Pharmacy. Through these mentorship programs, students develop connections with pharmacy students and faculty, which deepen their preparation and appreciation for pharmacy schools. In addition to shadowing pharmacy schools, we provide our mentorship program, located here at UC Davis, PharmClans, to pair you up with an upperclassman mentor who will guide your undergraduate years to prepare you for the pharmacy school curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities, so they may better understand the profession and develop connections with those associated with the field.


We want to serve as excellent examples of the pharmacy profession by giving back to our communities. Every quarter, we provide several community service opportunities, ranging from setting up to make events possible, volunteering at a blood drive, feeding the homeless, and raising funds to support a humanitarian cause. Each year, we participate in Relay for Life to help raise funds for cancer research. We encourage students like you to participate in community service events in order to become mature, caring, and proactive individuals in the field of pharmacy.


The journey to pharmacy school can be a tough one, but the Pre-Pharmacy Club is one big family and we are there to support one another to reach our goals. We plan various social events each quarter to network with one another and have wholesome fun. Some events include bowling at the MU, Game Night, Dinner with Officers, and the highly acclaimed Field Day during Spring Quarter. Besides providing you the tools to get into pharmacy school, we hope you will build lasting friendships that will continue as pharmacy school classmates and colleagues in the pharmacy world.


Become a member today! Check out to find out how to become a member. We encourage individuals like you to expand their knowledge of health-care by visiting our meetings. We also want you to take the opportunity to develop long-lasting connections with pharmacy students and faculty. And lastly, we want you to be active with your community. Make this possible by becoming a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Club!


2013-2014 President: Erin Lee Vice President: Jessa May Culilap Secretary: Shirley Ly Treasurer: Alyssa Cheung Research & Education Coordinator: Kelcie Rodriguez Event Coordinator: Ryan Tran Public Relations: Danny Tao Community Service Coordinator: Raya Mesias Web Master: Cerise Tang


2013-2014 Officers 2012-2013 Officers Field Day PILLS Conference Meetings at LSA 1022


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