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Meeting Times
Winter Quarter 2015: Mon 4pm-6pm, Thurs 4pm-6pm
Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor Stavros Vougioukas

The Davis Robotics Club is a student run organization at the University of California, Davis. The club works to teach members the fundamentals of robotics, system engineering, and mechatronics through hands-on experience and participation in annual competitions. The club is made up of over 25 members that span multiple majors that includes, but is not limited to, all of the engineering fields, mathematics, managerial economics, and physics.

We hold workshops every week to introduce  and expand our member's knowledge of programming, basic electronics, and working with microcontrollers. This is done in parallel with our mini-projects and the work to design and build our major projects. Because we are in the process of revival, the club is focused on only one major project. We are building an underwater remotely operated vehicle to compete in the 2015 International MATE ROV Competition. We do welcome, host, and help anyone interested in beginning smaller projects.

Membership is open to everyone. No experience is necessary to join any of our activities.

Current Projects

2015 International MATE ROV Competition. Link: http://www.marinetech.org/rov-competition/
The MATE competition involves designing and building an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to complete a set of original challenges with a theme set by industry. The competition is challenging because of its interdisciplinary nature where teams must work together to design and implement complex mechanical, electrical, and control systems.

Member Work: 2014-2015 School Year

Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Pimp Your Appliance Project - Mobile Computer TeamFall 2014 Pimp Your Appliance Project - Mobile ComputerFall 2014 Pimp Your Appliance Project - Marshmellow Thrower

"Pimp Your Appliance Project" Link: https://davisroboticsclub.wordpress.com/projects/pimp-your-appliance-project/

Mini project where members were challenged to work in a teams of 5 to 6 people to take an appliance and build it up with an Arduino and two optional motors. The teams were challenged to obtain any other components without paying any money (or as little money as possible).

Past Efforts

The 2012 Robogames: For which we have built two autonomous sumo robots (3kg weight class).

The club has been working to design an autonomous quadrotor (essentially a helicopter with four propellers) to communicate with a ground-based robot called iMobot being developed in the Integration Engineering Lab, by club adviser Prof. Harry Cheng. There are several possible competitions in 2012 for our UAV.

Past Work Photos

Past-President Eric Ranstrom talking at the first general meeting in 2011

Club member using the project room's blackboard

Possible design for the UAV, visualized in a CAD program

Club member working on the sumo electronics



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