2010 F Street
At Covell, go down All Stars Rent driveway.
Davis Smog is at the end of Li'l Bear's Car Wash building
Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:30PM
Sat 9AM-5:00PM
Sun 9AM-3:00PM

Davis Smog is a Star Certified Smog Check Test-Only station. Test-Only stations are licensed by the state to perform only tests on vehicles. They are prohibited from performing any repair services. They do test only, gross polluters, change of ownership, registration, and out-of-state vehicles.

The test takes about 15-20 minutes per vehicle. The cost for most cars, light trucks and minivans are $66.75 (as of March, 2013) plus $8.25 for the DMV certificate. They do offer a free re-test if your vehicle does not pass. In addition, they do not charge extra for low pressure EVAP test for vehicles 1995 and older.

Coupon expiring 12/2012 (but as of March, 2013 they still honor it and say they just need to update) for a $10 off for 1996 and newer vehicles directly off the front of website or sometimes the Little Green Coupon Machine.

Also see: Automobile Repair.


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2006-08-10 16:56:33   They seem to have changed their hours to close at 5PM on weekdays. Not sure about weekends —ErikKlemetti

2006-08-11 08:25:42   I can't say this guy does poor work, but he certainly has a sullen attitude! I've commented on his lack of customer service skills to friends and they had similar experiences. —AlphaDog

2006-10-12 16:07:14   These guys keep terrible hours. Its a Thursday, went to get a free retest on my car, and they weren't open at 3:45, despite the hours on the door stating they were open until 5. Ended up costing me another $75 having to go get the thing tested at another place (EZ Smog, good people there). Not recommended at all. —ZacMorris

2007-03-14 17:15:16   The website, and their coupon, states that hours begin at 8am daily. Went there yesterday, and a sign on the door said open at 8:30. Waited until 9:30, and no one showed up. Finally got the car smogged in Woodland. —JohnBerg

2007-04-25 08:00:56   Davis Smog guys were very nice and I would absolutely recommend them. Their place is not big, new or fancy, but they treated me with respect and got the job done. As far as I am concerned, Davis Smog is the only place to go for a smog test only in this town. I came here after being treated very rude and nasty by another smog place in Davis called EZ Smog.

EZ Smog on 5th Street was not a place I'd recommend to my worst enemy. Very rude and condescending. They don't have appointments, it's a "first come, first served" but will not take you in order as you arrive as they pick and choose the "easy cars" to do first. They wouldn't even tell me if there was another smog test only place in Davis when I asked.

I found out on my own about Davis Smog and I went here instead. Again, I'd recommend Davis Smog. They are at the far end of the do-it-yourself car wash near the corner of "F" & Covell. —CatAdams

2007-11-03 16:08:34   Very nice folks. I've been going there for many years because it's test only and best of all they are straight up, no bull. I just went today, a Saturday, around 2:30. I was out by 3:30 with 2 people ahead of me (one was almost done). So with the paperwork and what not, it's about a 25 minute process (that may change if the state adds on more test requirements). The 2 people ahead of me passed, so they were happy customers too. My general advice for what it's worth is replace cracked hoses, change the oil, oil filter and air filter, inflate the tires to proper pressure and bring it in warmed up to it's usual operating temperature. If it's been running rough, get a tune up first. Check the Davis Consumers Guide for a coupon. —Balder

2008-01-15 17:21:11   I went to Davis Smog today to get my car smoged. I had zero problems, it was all very easy. I got there at around 4:00 on a Tuesday and I didn't even have to wait. I used a coupon in the Davis Consumer Guide- total after the coupon was $60. They also give you $2 in coins to spend at the car wash next to the shop (they have a vending machine you can use the coins in)- I got a soda and a candy bar while I waited. —ScottStanley

2008-03-18 17:27:26   Even though my car failed its smog test, I was happy with my experience here. I dealt with a friendly young woman who delivered the bad news pleasantly. They will retest your car for free as long as you bring in your original paperwork. Cost $66 plus the smog certificate which was $8.75 I believe. (Since my car didn't pass, I didn't have to pay for the certificate.) —AmandaSmith

2008-04-22 23:24:42   i don't know what all the negative comments are about. i went here today and i've never had an easier, friendlier, or quicker time getting a smog check before. true, the place looks kinda ghetto cuz it's so small, but the girl who works there was so nice that you'll probably forget your initial impression upon getting there. i was in and out in 15 minutes, dmv got all the info by the time i got home, and i renewed my registration all in one hour. total came out to $60 flat with a printed online coupon i found (http://daviscouponsonline.com/davissmog), which she was happy to take. —beekergene

2008-06-04 12:28:23   Another positive comment: Showed up this morning around 8:45, armed with Consumers Guide coupon. Staff were pleasant and professional. I was out about 20 minutes later. —DanLawyer

2009-01-03 20:43:36   I came right before the new year and was worried that my car wasn't going to pass. I was taken care of as I walked in through the door, greeted with a friendly smile and hello. The gentleman had about 3-4 cars before mine and it was about 4:15pm when I got there and they close at 6pm, so squeezing me in would be close. He took me anyway and was very pleasant about it. The waiting area was nice and warm, coed bathroom, tv screen as well as a window to watch your car actually getting smogged was great. (You know, I would never leave my car with a mechanic or anything without watching what was done to it, just for peace of mind). Although he apologized for the wait, with the Davis Smog coupon, the price was well worth it. I really don't mind waiting for services: seeing as I waited till close to closing to come in + they treated me like I was their only customer. It definitely was a great experience compared to other locations that I've been to in Davis & Woodland that either didn't take me because they were in a rush to go home or had a lack of employees working. Oh! They don't charge extra for that new EVAP test that older cars 1995 and older have to get nowadays. Just a note.

Free tokens to next door's carwash was cool too.

While a smog is only necessary every two years or when you sell your car, why not make it a good experience without a worry and go to Davis Smog? Great Service. Great People. Peace of Mind.


    2009-03-10 17:35:36   Friendly and quick (about 25 minutes, I'd say). Cost $55 with a coupon. —RobertM525

    2009-05-18 22:18:07   Just had a great experience here today. A+ Service. I was in and out in 30 minutes and the technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended. —Josh.S

    2009-07-24 11:57:29   Took my car in today. The guy who was going to do the test couldn't reach the pedals sufficiently to finish it. My car's seat does not move. Other than that, they seem fair enough, sullen, but fair. —Scones

    2009-09-30 12:31:13   I'm not sure what the rest of the comments are about, but the service was timely and polite. The mechanic even talked with me for a little while after my smog, and was as far from sullen as can be. I also saw him alert another customer that his car had loose spark plugs before running the test, and recommended the customer get that fixed and come back. Great service - I would highly recommend it! —erlane

    2009-09-30 16:09:00   Consider me a very happy customer of Davis Smog, and greatly appreciative of the efforts of Igor, the technician on duty. He stayed well past close to get the job done, was friendly and respectful, and even managed to educate me about the process along the way. I will certainly return for services in the future and recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you Davis Smog, with sincere gratitude, again, to Igor. —BuckeyeGuy

    2010-08-06 13:03:17   I came in right at closing and the guy could have turned me away, instead did the smog test and accepted the coupon for $20 off. Great customer service - they do test only, and conventional smog tests and they have my business now. thanks davis smog. —NickCarvajal

    2010-08-11 09:15:26   I tried to get my car smogged at Aggie Smog and then E-Z Smog, but although I was well within their POSTED hours of operation I found both shops closed. I drove across town to this place and received spectacular customer service. They were willing to honor a competitor's coupon when I asked them, too. It took about 15-20 minutes, my car passed, and it was an overall good experience. I would recommend this shop to a friend. —DanaMace

    2010-11-28 14:26:56   I had a pleasant experience here today. The man was very friendly and it only took him 10 minutes to smog test my car. I'll be back in two years! —EmmyMelton

    2011-01-05 14:16:34   Do not go to this place unless you know for a fact that you will pass. I had my car tested and retested and after paying them, the employee told me that they do not know what is wrong with my car and that i will have to go somewhere else and pay them to retest my car and then pay repairs. I realize this is a test only center, but it would have been nice to know beforehand that THESE GUYS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS. —BenAdams

    2011-01-12 13:05:40   Got my Camry smogged today. Polite service, quiet lobby with Wifi. Whole thing took about half an hour, tops, and my total was $75. I totally forgot my $20 off coupon but that's my problem, not theirs. I'll probably come back if I'm still here in two years! Definite recommendation. —KBathory

    2011-01-17 15:21:05   We go to Davis Smog whenever we need a test-only station certificate. A test-only station is not allowed to diagnose or fix your car. If your car fails at any test-only station, you have to go somewhere else to get it fixed, but the the first retest here is free. Igor, the guy who did my test last week, was efficient, competent, and helpful. —VincentDiCarlo

    2011-08-03 21:28:58   Judging from the reviews, it seems as though your experience with Davis Smog really depends on who is working that day. I had such a bad experience here today. They were a little busy (maybe 3 customers ahead of me) and I waited to speak to the woman at the front desk. She was very short with me and asked me to show her which car was mine. We walked outside together and I told her I had a competitor coupon - they clearly state that they honor Davis area smog coupons - she said "No, that's not our coupon" then literally walked away from me to someone else's car while I was mid-sentence and said "I'll talk to you about it later." I wasn't sure if she was planning to come back for my keys, so I just left. There are so many places in Davis and Woodland where I can get my car smogged that I just didn't feel like waiting around for someone to be rude to me. —AynReyes

    2012-05-16 21:55:48   My wife took in our '89 Toyota truck for a routine smog test and was told the truck passed all the tests but could not get a certificate because the technician could not read the number on the catalytic converter. He told my wife the retest was free if she could provide a verifiable number. I crawled under the truck that evening and wrote down the number and took the truck back in the next day saying the technician made an error. The owner was abrupt and rude and said he did the work himself and the number was not there. I told him he was wrong and showed him exactly where it was. He replied that since the number was partially covered it was not his fault and that it would cost me half price for a retest. I pointed out his ads saying that the retest was free but he said that did not count for trucks. I said he should at least do a free retest because it was his error that it needed retesting but no amount of arguing would convince him he made a mistake. Then to add insult to injury, he refused to honor his own coupon for a retest. I have had dozens of smog tests over the years with this being my first with Davis smog. I have never had a problem until I went to Davis Smog and I will NEVER go back. There are plenty of reputable smog shops in Davis and Woodland. Use them instead of Davis Smog because Davis Smog is not honest —AlanPryor

    2012-07-13 17:09:51   Best magazines in waiting area (National Geographic and Popular Mechanics)! Also excellent, easy service. —BenDawson

    2013-02-26 13:23:25   $55 with the Little Green Machine coupon if you add up the cost of the certificate, for a 1996 car. The reviews are helpful and insightful, but what you really is how much you're going to pay. Yes they add coins to wash your car, but you only have 4 minutes to take advantage of the free car wash, which includes figuring out how to operate the machines. —DavisSite

    2013-12-18 19:46:04   I tried these guys out this week and will definitely be going back. The woman at the front desk was nice, and the guy doing the test was helpful, making sure I didn't leave until he got my tire pressure adjusted correctly. —PatesBaroni

    2014-08-27 13:44:27   This place is fast and easy, because ITS A RIP OFF!!!! way overpriced, they lie, take advantage of women shoppers...DONT GO HERE!!! —GeraldAndrews

    2021-12-29 16:40:56   Yesterday 3 other places in Davis were unable to do the smog check on my vehicle because it was too difficult for them to look at the catalytic converter with a mirror and read the serial number which was a required part of the test. Davis Smog read the serial number in 2 minutes and did the test and got me out of there with a quick 'Pass'. I have had good results with Davis Smog in the past too. —DanNurco