Davis Strength and Conditioning is a sports performance and fitness gym in East Davis. They provide a facility, equipment, and instruction for those who want to improve strength, speed, power, agility, quickness, mobility, work capacity and general health.  The trainers provide quality coaching and training for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are looking to get in shape, maintain general health, or compete. The community of people also provides a fun and enjoyable environment to workout in.


Monday-Thursday: 6am-7pm

Friday: 6am-6pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12pm

Sunday: closed



$95/month for students and service/military

Website: https://www.DavisStrength.com

Phone: (530) 304-4505

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davisstrengthandconditioning1

Instagram: @dstrengthcondo