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Davis Student Co-op will remain open this coming Fall thanks to dedicated students, Administrators, and Student Housing representatives. For more information, visit the Save DSC page. At this point, we would like people to send in thanks to the people listed on the Save DSC page for their dedication in working to keep the co-ops open for future generations of students.

Historic Davis Student Co-op, or DSC (not to be confused with the Davis Senior Center), is one of three on campus co-ops on the UC Davis campus that offer affordable housing and an alternative living arrangement to low-income students, to both undergraduate or graduate students. DSC typically has anywhere from 12-15 residents. 

Davis Student Co-op residents use appropriate technology to create an ecologically sustainable and community-oriented environment. We have been growing all organic since 1972. The residents are also known to cook some damn good food. All house meals are vegan, or at least with vegan options. We make bulk purchases at the Davis Food Co-op for staple goods such as flour and grain, and we use vegetables grown in our garden. 

The house itself is rather large with lots of places to chill out. You may notice on many a fine night a joyous sound coming from the Co-ops. Music and art are popular among the residents.

The house welcomes applicants to our community dinners every Sunday through Thursday at 7pm. Garden parties, starting at 3:30 pm on Friday, are another great way to meet the residents. Visiting often ensures that all residents in the house will get to meet you and accept you into the community.


The house that is now Davis Student Co-op (DSC) was once an old farm house that was transported to UC Davis' campus in the late 1960s.






Here are some DSCers in front of the house in Fall 2006 Current resident Zuni outside in the garden. The DSC was featured in the 1966 El Rodeo The co-op would go co-ed in 1968" as announced in this Nov 8, 1967 article in The California Aggie



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2006-03-01 22:55:27   The Davis Student Co-op should rename itself to something that describes what it does, unless, of course, it purchases and sells students! :) For example, the Davis Food Co-op purchases and sells food. The Twin Rainbows Housing Co-operative provides housing. etc... —GrahamFreeman

"2007-04-09" I would call it Permaculture Co-op since the general idea of the co-ops is to foster sustainable relationships between people, plants, animals, and the university. Oh yeah, and I've been living at DSC for two years now and think a name change is entirely possible as we've thought about this before. —Derek Downey

2008-05-12 21:46:19   i have seen Zuni in the sewers!!!! and on Halloween it was scary just to see that black cat :0 —Yeni

2009-01-25 18:07:48   The J St Co-op has room(s) available after March 20th. Interested parties should contact us soon. peace. —PxlAted

2010-01-14 00:20:54   SAVE DSC! KEEP this great Davis Legacy alive! —DerekDowney

2014-04-17 15:49:54   I lived for a couple of months at the DSC in 1989-glad to see the house is still going strong. Zuni looks like a second or third generation offspring from my two long haired black cats that I had while I was there, their names were Twelve and Thirteen. —lynnmichele