Predating the use of the symbol by the Germans in World War Two, the Davis Swastikas was a football team that disbanded after the death of a player who sustained injuries in the last game on Sunday October, 10th1909.

Winford K. Ludden (September 12, 1884 — October 12, 1909) died of a combination of injuries received prior to the game from a mule, and those he incurred during the game. The mule had fractured two of his ribs two days prior to the game.

He made a run for his opponent for a tackle, striking him his head very low. At the moment of striking, another man closed in on the party, struck from the opposite side, which prevented the one struck from being carried on and brought Ludden to a sudden stop. His neck was broken in the impact.

For modern usage of the swastika as an expression of hate in Davis, look for "Incidents of Racism" in the Race & Ethnicity entry.