About us

Davis Swing Dancers is an established club on the UC Davis campus. We typically teach three swing lessons; one geared towards raw beginners that stays at a pretty constant skill level week to week and teaches the basic steps and fundamentals of East Coast Swing. One of our advanced lessons is usally a traditional East Coast variant, including Lindy Hop and Charleston, while the other is generally more West Coast and Blues oriented. Both of our two advanced lessons focus on connection, build on fundamentals, and explore more advanced variations. Each lesson is approximately an hour long and they happen simultaneously, running from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday nights. The beginning lesson is always free. Intermediate lessons are offered in a series format and are available for a nominal fee (just enough to provide compensation to the instructors).

The lesson is followed by social dancing, where you can get a first hand chance to practice everything you learn in the lesson, ask the teachers for advice, and simply have a blast dancing. Taxi dancers were implemented Winter Quarter 2011. Taxi dancers wear bright pieces of clothing and cannot refuse a dance. Don't be shy about asking them, it's their job to dance with you. Birthday jams will take place the last Monday of each month. A birthday jam is when we celebrate those of us who had birthdays in a particular month by having a circled dance with an exchange of partners multiple times during the song. No pressure, just fun!

Dancers of all levels are welcome, whether you are a world champion or have never danced before in your life.

Take everything you learn in the beginning lessons or somewhere else and make it flashy! Learn new moves that will dazzle!

Rooms and Lessons For the School Year:

We meet every Monday in Giedt Hall from 8-11PM while school is in session.

Lessons for this quarter:

Starting November 2nd: Beginning Swing Dancing with Nathaniel Homan and Shea Hanson
Charleston with Kevin Kong
Introduction to Lindy with Brianna Leon and Tarik Crnovrsanin

About the teachers:

Our teachers are UC Davis Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Staff Members, or local dance teachers who want to spread their love for swing dancing to the Davis Community.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What do I wear?

Most people dress in casual comfortable clothes, and shoes  (No heels for beginners) that will stay on while dancing. The rest do the second time. 

Do I need to know how to dance?

Not at all. If you show up to the lesson at the beginning, you will learn the basics to start you out. If you are interested in taking a series of lessons, we will have information at our meeting.

Do I need a partner?

No again! The status quo is just show up and ask people to dance.

Do I need an invite to come?

NO! Come dance. Even if you are convinced that you can't dance. We will still think that you are awesome. And we will teach you.

Are there other places to dance swing around here?

Yes! To set up a safe and free carpool, contact dsdcarpool@gmail.com!

Carpools go to Firehouse 5, Midtown Stomp, 920 Special, The Station and more!

Useful Links

Dance Calendar Dance Classes -all sorts- offered in Davis


Official Email: davisswingdancers@gmail.com Carpool Email: dsdcarpool@gmail.com

For more information about upcoming events or detailed lesson plans join the Facebook group Davis Swing Dancers.