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George Shu
Grace Princen
Gavin Cosgrave
Aaron Pang
Laura Correia
Fall 2013

Why use the Davis Timebank?

The Davis Timebank aims to strengthen the Davis community by utilizing talent and services within our community that would otherwise be unused. Instead of spending loads of money on services, we can help our neighbors accomplish their tasks and build friendships. Timebanking works great for basic tasks like transportation as well as specific skills like tutoring or maintenance. The Timebank aims to build a stronger sense of community while saving money.

How does it work?

The Timebank runs when members exchange services. Everyone has something to offer! Let’s say you don’t have time to walk your dog on Friday. You could get help with your dog Friday and then help pick up someone’s dry cleaning on Saturday. Every hour you help someone else, you earn a one-hour time credit that can be used to get services for you. When on the Timebank portal, you will be able to post services and view what others have offered.

The idea of timebanking started in the 1980’s. There are currently about 300 Timebanks in the U.S. and over 500 internationally.

What services can you give?

Tutoring, transportation, babysitting, sewing, gardening, crafts, music, car or bike repair, home care, computer support, financial guidance, cooking, hair and beauty, housekeeping, pet care, photography, grocery shopping, yoga lessons, carpentry, dance lessons, games, events, language help, translation, massage therapy, story-telling, There are unlimited possibilities!

Ready to get started?

1. Become a member and create your personal profile on the website 2. We encourage all new members to visit us at the Farmers Market on Saturday from 10a.m. to 12p.m. We’ll help you get started! 3. List services you would like to give and receive. 4. Search for services needed and offered by other members. Click on the “Give & Receive” tab at the top of the website. 5. Give, receive, and repeat! 6. Watch the Events box for upcoming ways to meet other members of the community. 7. Feel free to contact your coordinator at any time with questions or concerns


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