446 University Ave.
(Downtown Davis)
Indoor cats only allowed

Davis Townhouse Apartments is the oldest existing apartment complex in town. According to the book, "Davis, California 1910s-1940s,"

One of the structures that looks the same today as it did in 1952 is the Davis Townhouse Apartments. This apartment building covers most of the block bounded by University Avenue, Russell Boulevard, B and Fourth streets. It replaced a turkey farm on this site. This complex was among the first of what would be a wave of apartment buildings in Davis.

As of February 2015, rent is $975 for a 1 bedroom, $1290 for 2 bedrooms. They show the insides of apartments, if any units are available to show. As they have various floor plans, the unit that you see may not be exactly the same layout, but it will be the same square footage. The 1 bedroom apartment is about 600 square feet. Each unit is equipped with wall A/C. This is a strict non-smoking complex. Leases are month to month after a 6 month minimum.

Visit our Housing Guide or Apartments page to learn about more housing options within Davis.


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2006-05-16 13:51:08   I called them, the manager said it was build in the 1950s, and some apartments don't have A/C. The leases run month-to-month, apparently, and there is a waiting list. —JoFeuerstein

2007-09-04 08:11:25   These apartments are not only full of class, but full of classy neighbors and good people. The manager is on top of things and very nice. Unlike many other Davis apartment complexes there is a sense of community here. I'm so glad we made this choice. ...but yes, it's HOT HOT HOT. The A/C is very old —AnnBradshaw

2008-04-15 15:27:31   does anyone know the best way to live here? do you need to be on the waiting list very long? —margarethowe

2010-05-03 18:19:40   We wanted an apartment in August/September and were on the waiting list for 7 months prior to finally getting a place in mid September. The wait and the uncertainty were well worth it, however. These are great apartments with hardwood floors, lots of period charm, spacious decks, and great neighbors! Not to mention the location right across from Central Park and blocks from downtown and UCD campus. If you want to live in the best apartments in town get on the wait list early! Though if you have flexibility about when you can move some apartments come up in winter when others are stuck in their leases and can't move - you could get lucky. —aubitz

2011-09-21 13:49:05   The waitlist is long.... I waited 6 months for an apartment in November. —Keiko

2013-01-29 21:21:35   Do you know if there are any apartments available for Fall 2013? —TaylerAvakian

2013-02-15 22:34:43 We called every day this week, multiple times a day and cannot get ahold of anyone... When are they open?

2013-02-19 20:15:39   The apartment manager has been in the hospital battling cancer. She lost this fight yesterday. There is a new apartment manager but everything is in transition. As it is a small family-owned complex, there is no office or "open" hours. I'm sure the new apartment manager would be happy to talk to you though. —onefishtwofish