Wicky Wacky Woo (NAK edition) 



The Davis Trinity is a ritual most often performed by UCD undergrads. It entails the consumption of three of the (arguably) strongest drinks in Davis in one night:

Ideally, this feat is accomplished in one night and as quickly as possible. It is generally advised to prepare ahead of time (eat, drink a lot of water) and to not drink any other alcoholic beverages before embarking on the task. A determined group of adventurers can be expected to complete the Trinity within 90 minutes, even if they are drinking at a leisurely pace.

Alpha: Someone who completes the Trinity without help.

Beta: Someone who cannot complete the Trinity or needs help... Or someone who eats Jack-in-the-box before the bars and spends the rest of the night recreating Niagara Falls on his toilet rather than coming out drinking.

The TC - The Triple Crown is awarded to those who dare try this feat in under 45 minutes. Not recommended, but gives you bragging rights. Chug a ton of water immediately after achieving feat.

>This sounds like a supremely non-ideal choice of activities.  Just sayin'.  Do you all still get the "Happy 21st Birthday! Here's a story of a student who died of acute alcohol poisoning!" email from Student Health/Campus Student Affairs?