Club President/Leadership
President: Paul Salessi 
Treasurer: Cindy Rodriguez-Batres 
Vice President: Jessie Medlin 
Outreach: Kyle Huen 
Internal Affairs: Daniel Goldwyn
Fall 2011
Meeting Times
Saturdays, 7pm - 10pm
Meeting Location
The Death Star

Davis Nerf Club (DNF) is a UCDavis club dedicated to all things NERF.


We meet every Saturday night at 7PM at the Death Star, staying there until 10PM (after which we often go out for food). Our games range from Team Deathmatches and special objective games to small-scale Humans vs Zombies games and deception-based social games. You must be a UC Davis affiliate or over 18 to participate. a-frame on the quad

While everything we play on Saturday nights involves NERF blasters we don't require you to bring your own (though our selection of lender blasters does not include any "Clip System" blasters). The club provides blasters and ammo for all members, a service provided through donations to the club and extra blasters owned by various club members. Eye protection is not necessary but encouraged. We will have some community provided eye protection for you most of the time, but if lots of people suddenly decide to start using it, we may run out.

Some things we recommend you bring, in order of importance: a positive attitude, running shoes, a bandanna, some water (there is a drinking fountain available), and eye protection

Main Rules

#1 Don't Be A Dick. We're here to have fun, not get heated. Bring your best sportsmanship so everyone can have a good time.
Also #1) Safety First. We try to take safety very seriously at DNC. We recommend bringing eye protection, and we disallow modified blasters that fail our safety inspections. Also no painting it to look realisitc
#2) Trust Other Players. Generally, the person shooting darts can usually see where they go better than the person being shot can feel them, so when someone calls out they shot you, they probably shot you so just use a trust system.
#3) Stay within Death Star. Being out of bounds automatically permanently exits you from current game
#4) Stairs. Stairs count as out of play, but you are allowed only 15 seconds.
#5) Headshots don't count
#6) Hitting the blasters doesn't count. This means you can deflect darts with a blaster

Some other rules that we use for a variety of different games that are useful to remember are these:

Respawning Rules There are two sets of respawn rules we use frequently: the two corner rule and the central location rule. For the two corner rule, the player who is respawning walks away from where they were shot and must pass two corners before standing against a wall and counting to thirty seconds. If you are shot again while counting, you must walk another two corners and start your count over from the beginning. Don't Be A Dick by following someone who's trying to respawn and resetting their timer over and over, though. The central location rule is simpler: when a player needs to respawn, they walk to a central location, indicated at the beginning of the game, make physical contact with whatever the respawner is, usually a certain wall or table, and count to thirty seconds. In both cases, after you have counted out your timer, you're back in play.


Team Deathmatch - A firefight between two human teams. Humans versus Zombies - a game of infection tag where those who are not 'it' have NERF blasters. Alamo - defend the point for a specific amount of time against an increasing number of enemies. Infection - a mafia-style game of deception and NERF.

We also have several variants of these game types that keep everything fresh along with several more convoluted games that can only be explained through several paragraphs worth of text that we all know you won't read.

Quarterly Week-long HvZ

Humans vs. Zombies

Former Officers

Maxwell Kappes (Hat Max)- Founder/President: 2011 - 2014. Former ASUCD Senator and current Vice President. Statistics and Political Science major. Maxamilian Wilt (Beard Max) - Founder/Vice President: 2011 - 2012. Linguistics Major, party host. Brian DeLaCruz (Mother) - Founder/Tertiary President: 2011 - 2012. BioEngineering major, or something like that. Brittany Booth (No nickname provided) - Name on paper to become a real club: 2011 - 2012. English major. Raymond Liu (Close your goddamn eyes) - Stairs Commissioner: 2011 - 2012. Economics major.


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