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This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


2727 2nd Street (For CRV buyback)
Mon-Fri 9:30am - 2:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 4:00pm

On April 20, 2018, Recology took over recycling and waste management services for Davis. Though Davis Waste Removal had a contract with the city until 2027, the city had the right to end the deal if Davis Waste Removal was sold to new owners. The city approved the sale to Recology because Recology also focuses on being green and pursuing "zero waste".

In November of 2004 the town was a-twitter with the distribution of new garbage cans and recycling cans. Now you can see them all over town, on garbage pick-up day. No more unsightly, unmatched garbage cans provided by Davis Waste Removal. Now, unsightly, matched garbage cans. StevenDaubert speculates that maybe it was cheaper to buy everyone in town a new trash can and recycle bin plus a brand new fleet than it was to pay the workers comps on the guys who used to drive and had to heft each can into the truck. Under Davis Municipal Code section 32.01.050, garbage and recycling bins need to be put out between 5pm the night before pickup and 6am the day of, and they must be taken from the curb no later than 7am the day after pickup.


DWR CRV Buyback Center

You can take your plastic bottles and aluminum cans to the DWR buyback center listed above and redeem the CRV. CRV redemption is 5 cents for aluminum cans and bottles under 24oz. and 10 cents for bottles 24oz. and above refund per container. Normally they are weighed, but if you have 50 items or fewer you can request that they be counted instead of weighed. The CRV is set so that there is little benefit to counting. The amount paid by weight is set by the State of California, not by the recycling centers; the centers are reimbursed for the items collected which is why they require you to sign the check they give you.

As of 2015-09-04:
Item $/lb. Break-even weight*
Aluminum cans 1.58 14.35g.
PETE bottles 1.17 19.38g. (<24oz.), 38.77g (>=24oz.)

*Break-even weight calculated as: 453.592g*$.05/$1.58 (cans). This is the threshold above which it becomes advantageous to weigh (vs. count) the items.

A typical 12oz. aluminum can weighs 13.6g., so there are 32 cans/lb.

Weights Samples
Aluminum can, 8 fl. oz. 11.1g
Aluminum can, 12 fl. oz. 13.1g, 13.5g, 14.7g, 15.1g
Aluminum can, 330 ml. 13.5g
Aluminum can, 16 fl. oz. 15.7g, 15.9g, 16.2g, 16.5g, 17.8g
Aluminum can, 480 ml. 20.0g
Aluminum can, 23 fl. oz. (680 ml) 24.8g
Bimetal can, 330 ml. 51.0g
PETE plastic water bottle, 8 fl. oz. w/cap 9.9g (cap is 0.8g)
PETE plastic water bottle, 500 ml w/cap 10.1g, 10.5g, 11.0g (cap is 0.8g)
PETE plastic water bottle, 700 ml w/cap 19.6g, 21.2g
PETE plastic Tropicana bottle, 10 fl. oz. w/cap 29.5g (cap is 2.6g)
PETE plastic protein shake bottle, 10 fl. oz. w/cap 35.2g (cap is 5.3g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 12 fl. oz. w/cap 27.7g (cap is 2.6g)
PETE plastic "TruMoo" bottle, 14 fl. oz. w/cap 29.9g (cap is 3.3g)
PETE plastic Honest tea bottle, 500 ml. w/cap 37.0g (cap is 3.1g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 20 fl. oz. w/cap 36.3g (cap is 2.5g)
PETE plastic Vitamin water bottle, 20 fl. oz. w/cap 40.6g (cap is 2.4g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 32 fl. oz. w/cap 52.3g, 53.0g (cap is 3.8g, 4.3g)
PETE plastic soft drink bottle, 1 liter w/cap 39.4g, 41.4g, 42.3g (cap is 2.3g, 2.7g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 64 fl. oz. w/cap 89.4g (cap is 3.7g)
PETE plastic soft drink bottle, 2 liter w/cap 49.2g, 53.7g (cap is 2.7g)

Up to 2 ml can cling to the sides of a water bottle, adding 2 grams.

Drop-off bins

Davis Waste Removal has recycling drop-boxes available for people to bring their recycling 24/7. There are separate drop boxes to recycle these items:

DWR Recycling Drop Boxes

  • Scrap Metal
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Paper
  • Cardboard and Brown Paper
  • Plastics #1 and #2 (household and beverage containers only)
  • Rigid plastics #3-#7 (also rigid plastics #1 and #2 like flower pots, just no beverage containers etc.)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tin cans, Foil and Pie Tins

Unlike the Yolo County Central Landfill, they used to be happy when you took scrap from them. This supported constructions of many bicycle-contraptions. To encourage such behavior, they might or might not still hold days when they'll leave stuff out in front and you can go and choose whatever you like. But be sure to follow the rules as posted on the signs. This is what the sign used to say:

In 2011 DWR put up a sign at their scrap steel collection bins saying that they will prosecute scavengers.

DWR has started up a Commercial Food Scrap Pilot Program (enrollment in the pilot program ended April 28, 2011) for composting food, soiled paper, and related waste from businesses. They also accept used motor oil and oil filters for recycling. DWR also picks up green waste. Trash is taken to the Yolo County Central Landfill. Plus, they sponsor the Davis Bike Club.

DWR does not accept electronic waste, that must be taken to the Yolo County Central Landfill where it is accepted free of charge 7 days a week. DWR does not accept batteries (of any kind) for recycling. Household batteries can be brought to Ace Hardware, CVS, Davis Senior Center, Davis Food Co-op, or Hibbert Lumber for recycling. Car batteries can be taken to Kragen auto parts.

For more information about what items DWR accepts for recycling, check out the City of Davis Recycling Website. You can also find information there about their Bulky Items Drop-Off Days.

See also City Services


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2008-11-25 20:57:45   If you live in Davis, this is a great service to be able to recycle your own items by dropping them off for free. If you are moving out, come by this location and get some boxes for free. Believe me, since moving back to my hometown in Southern California, I truly miss this place and this service. Yay for do-it-yourself hassle-free recycling!! —BenjaminCatabas

2009-05-22 15:46:54   today, we only filled up a trash can and 1/4 worth of plastic bottles. my cynical room mate thought i was going to only get two dollars for it, but in the end, i got a hefty 7 dollars. mind you this is only a can and a quarter full of bottles, thats easily a weeks worth if you live with soda drinkers and people who dont trust davis' water. —chand3123k

2010-02-25 17:07:03   Davis water is of higher quality than bottled water...I think its hilarious that people pay for something, that is almost free, because they think its "better" when its actually worse. —jdyeah

2011-01-10 15:54:15   Sometimes we get take-out containers that are marked with a "6" — they are styrofoam-like, but not the real styrofoam like you find in a cheap cooler. You're not supposed to put styrofoam in the drop boxes. Does anyone know if those take-out containers count? —CovertProfessor

  • Found the answer to my question in today's (1/11/11) Davis Enterprise: "Styrofoam and other expanded polystyrene items such as packing peanuts and take-out food packing cannot be placed in recycling carts..These items will often have a #6 recycling symbol on them, but unlike regular polystyrene #6 plastic, the expanded polystyrene is not considered a rigid plastic and is not accepted for recycling in the recycling carts."

I brought in one big black garbage bag full of crushed cans, a smaller white bag and about 7 grocery bags full of uncrushed cans which weighed about 50 pounds total. I got a total of $77.47. Their price of aluminum is $1.54/lb as of July 2009. -brookeb

The aluminum price of $1.54/lb is still accurate as of 5-14-2011. aroach12

2011-08-15 14:41:40   How long can you legally leave your bins in the street for? —MikeyCrews

Per Davis Municipal Code 32.01.050, for individually serviced residences (i.e. most houses), "Emptied containers shall be removed from the curb by seven a.m. on the day following collection." —TomGarberson

Interesting. I wonder how early you can put them out. Our neighbor has decided to claim parking spaces with them. —MikeyCrews

From the same code section: "Such placement shall occur no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled collection day, nor later than 6:00 a.m. on collection day." —tg

Interesting again. Part of me thinks I should go inform him about the city code ( since he's been kind enough to inform me about other city codes). But part of me thinks it might be best to just try and let go of this petty dispute. —MikeyCrews

2011-10-19 17:43:50   I moved here (from Sacramento) in April and I'd like to know if it's legal to leave old couches, etc. on the curb. (When the students moved out they were everywhere.) Also, what about old fencing and other construction material? Again, I've seen quite a bit of it. —ScottSchiller

  • It is most definitely illegal to leave couches on the curb, and I suspect the same is true of the fencing and construction material. —CovertProfessor
  • Yes, it is illegal. Leaving furniture, mattresses and other items in the street or on the sidewalk is a violation of City Code and a safety hazard for bicycles and pedestrians. It is also against City Code to leave indoor furniture in front of your property in public view (indoor couches in front yard). The only things acceptable to be placed in the street for pick-up are flattened cardboard and yard materials. — jgilbert