Davis water wells are the source of the tap water in Davis. These are scattered about town and generally the water from the faucet comes from the nearest well(s). Also note that the water towers are used in the distribution scheme to maintain pressure and distribution across the system.

Currently, all the water supplied by the city comes from an aquifer. In general, the city sits over an aquifer system with two distinct layers. The upper layer, known as the intermediate depth aquifer, extends approximately 700 feet below the ground surface. A second layer is known as the deep depth aquifer, is separated from the intermediate depth aquifer by a less permeable clay layer. Originally, the city supplied all its water from the intermediate depth aquifer. In recent years however, in order to achieve greater water quality, the city has begun shifting its water supply over to the deep depth aquifer. Older wells in Davis typically extend 300 to 600 feet below the ground surface, while newer deep wells in Davis may extend 1500 to 1800 feet below the ground surface. A depth chart of all the well in davis can be seen here.

More information on the city's water system can be found in its urban water management plan.

Currently Operational Wells

From Davis Water Dept. site

Abandoned Wells