Davis Wiki has a public service announcement airing on KDVS.

Current PSA

The following PSA was recorded by Rob Roy in January using Legubitron's "Johnny Ruthless" as the background music. It should be added into rotation very soon.

Curious? Bored? Hungry? Help is only a click away! DavisWiki.org is a community-driven online resource for all things Davis, from restaurants and cafes to local art galleries, current events, and much more. Anyone can contribute to the website without knowing anything about the web or HTML. Davis Wiki is completely free and is supported by volunteers and donations. If you are interested in leaving your mark on the fastest-growing community resource in Davis or simply want to learn more about our beautiful city, you may visit Davis Wiki at www dot DavisWiki dot org (that's D-A-V-I-S-W-I-K-I dot O-R-G).

Is it okay to say it "wicky"? - KenjiYamada

I've heard it both ways. - jr

  • Mike and I say "wicky" because we think "wee-kee" is more non-English sounding - PhilipNeustrom
  • Yeah, wee-kee sounds kind of dorky, even though it's more correct. - MikeIvanov
  • "wicky" is also the proper Hawaiian pronunciation. - SteveLambert
    • I actually thought veekee would be the correct Hawaiian, because I had a voice teacher who had taught me Hawaiian songs where w is pronounced as v. —BrentLaabs
  • One thing that KDVS is very particular about (because it is the law) is not having "calls to action" in PSAs. So be careful when writing a PSA to be very indirect yet informative. You aren't allowed to "sell" someone on the wiki only inform them about the wiki.
    • So is the revolutionary language bad? How would you rephrase it?
    • I believe the "calls to action" stuff only applies to sponsorship/underwriting messages - SteveLambert
    • No, it applies to everything. DJs are not allowed to tell people to do anything or go anywhere, and neither are announcements. However, the main loophole with this is that you have to give them to option to not do it (which is why the DavisWiki PSA has the "if you are interested..." section). - StephenHo


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2005-01-24 19:24:28   Has anyone heard the PSA yet? I haven't. —JackHaskel

2005-01-24 21:48:52   A friend of ours heard it. —MikeIvanov

2005-01-25 00:02:33   I just heard it. Cool! I like the song. It ends with "all the friends..." Great job RobJackHaskel

2005-01-25 02:23:22   You can listen to the PSA here (it starts at 2:26): http://www.kdvs.org/low-bit/TUE_12.00AM.m3uMikeIvanov

2005-02-14 09:50:47   I just heard the PSA, awesome. —ArlenAbraham

2005-03-24 22:34:50   Jenn and I played this PSA on our show this morning on KDVS. (shameless plug!) —YawenChen

2005-09-07 16:51:39   Is it also playing on KDRT? —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2008-04-12 16:40:12   Finally, a worthwhile PSA! Normally, the PSAs are so ridiculous and unhelpful (like the ones about turbulence or second hand smoking). —CurlyGirl26 watch out, more people get hurt a year in football then turbulence! we need to make a turbulence psa that references things your body is made for! —StevenDaubert