Davis Wiki1 held its first fundraiser called Davis Wiki Wacky Woo 1. The fundraisering spanned from Friday to Sunday, with the main event being a major party at the Turtle House on Saturday that started at 7PM and went until some time around 11 — the Davis Wiki Wacky Woo!

Our goal: To raise $3500!

If you couldn't make it to the Davis Wiki Wacky Woo but would like to support us, you can donate online via PayPal (using Debit/Credit card or a PayPal account) — see the Donate page. You can also make a check out to "Davis Wiki" and mail it to P.O. Box 873, Davis, CA, 95617-0873. If you're donating via check and not in person, please let us know via an email (daviswiki@gmail.com how much you pledged so we can keep track of everything. The donate page also featured a month-by-month breakdown of expenses.

Rob Roy and others bow before the holy wiki

The show

The main event, the Davis Wiki Wacky Woo #1, was held at the Turtle House on Saturday, July 29th, 2006. Time: 7-11pm. There were bands playing, food, a silent auction, and other goodness!

The set list, in order: RobRoy (ie Sterling Riot), Ben Lewis, Dan Macht, Rosy Klang, Brian Ang, Gonzalo of Boss the Big Bit, Guide Dogs

Prizes & Freebies

To encourage donations we were giving out prizes for donations, when we could. Some items were auctioned in a silent auction, and others were general prizes given for donations (in sort of a "grab bag" style). In our inventory and available to you if you came to the Davis Wiki Wacky Woo and made a donation, were:

Donated from businesses in town

....and the Music Compilation (a 40 year survey of the Davis Music Scene) Davis Wiki Dot Org Slash Music, compiled and donated by Rob Roy.

Auction Packs

This is how they were put together for the silent auction.

Date Pack 1: (2) Varsity Theater passes, (1) $20 Soga's gift card, (2) Ben & Jerry's scoop certificates ($45 value) Date Pack 2: (2) Varsity Theater passes, (1) $10 Chef's Market gift certificate, (2) Ben & Jerry's scoop certificates ($35 value) Style Lounge (3): (1) The Style Lounge coupon for free cut & color or highlight - ($120 value, $50 min bid) Media Pack: (6) CD's and (1) record single, courtesy of Armadillo Music, (1) $20 Newsbeat gift certificate Computer Pack: (1) 256 Meg USB Flashdrive, Island Ink-Jet gift certificates Children's Book Pack: (4) children's learning-to-read books from Sweet Briar Books Family Night Pack: (1) $10 49er Video gift certificate, (2) $20 Taqueria Guadalajara gift certificate, (4) Baskin Robbins scoop/sundae gift cards Davis Basket: (1) mug, (1) t-shirt, (1) celebrate Davis bag, some maps and directories from Davis Chamber of Commerce, and a 2.5 lb jar of KarlMogel's HONEY. Whatever Pack: (1) Ink Monkey shirt, (2) Studio 66 shirts, (4) Ben & Jerry's scoops, (1) $25 B&L Bike Shop gift certificate Naked Pack: (2) Ink Monkey shirts, (1) $25 Shuz of Davis gift certificate, (3) Studio 66 shirts Downtown Tour Pack: (1) $20 Kathmandu Kitchen gift certificate, (2) $10 Raja Indian Cuisine gift certificates, (1) $10 New Delhi Chaat Cafe gift certificate, (1) Newsbeat $20 gift certificate, (5) Ben & Jerry's scoops, (1) Artery shirt Ice Cream for Four (10): (4) Ben & Jerry's scoops Ice Cream for Two: (2) Ben & Jerry's scoops Video Game Pack: (124) MU Games Area tokens ($24.80 value)

General prizes

  • "I *bike circle* Davis "shirts (see Davis Wiki shirts, 7 remaining: 4 large, 3 medium)
  • Davis Wiki shirts (general design, silk screened, 15 remaining)
  • 200 bike circle / davis wiki wacky woo stickers (donated by Sharla Daly)
  • Many local music completion mix CDs prepared by Rob Roy
  • Origami lessons taught by Marie Huynh


Any successful event needs a flyer and that flyer then needs to be pasted all over town. Here's a flyer for the woo':

Grab a pdf of the second pink flier, print on your fave color & post!

Who's in charge of the fundraiser?

AllisonEriksen has volunteered to be the DavisWiki fundraising maven. She is now officially crazy. Her email is aneriksen@ucdavis.edu


Allison is using this as her service learning project for a class. Please take her survey to help fulfill her research requirement.


We have 7 remaining "I (bike circle) davis" shirts: 4 x L, 3 x M. We have 15 fully-awesome hand screen-printed shirts (shirts donated from AlphaDog) and materials to print more provided we get some more blank shirts, and two possibly cool shirts (depending on tolerance ;) Given more shirts, we can print more. Definite shirt total: 22.

Selecting Board of Directors

In the process of opening a bank account we wrote bylaws. As stated, we're going to select the board of directors at some point during the fundraiser. For more information, see the bylaws page & the talk page. If you're interested in helping the wiki out for the next year and taking an active role in the organization as a whole, please consider being on the board. If you're interested but won't be there at the time, just make a note on this page. Location for discussion and selection: Sunday at 8PM at Mishka's Cafe in the frontish table area. (Note: you can come to simply help the discussion out and have a say in what happens)


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There is also a facebook event for the davis wiki wacky woo.

This comes very late in the game, but might be useful for future events. It being summer, hacky sack is a pretty fun way to not think about the heat, and hacky sacks can be crocheted/knitted! They also very conveniently mirror the shape of the wiki logo. I don't have a pattern with the wiki logo, but perhaps some very fast wiki knitters might be able to create a few for giveaways. Hacky sacks are also good for tossing into crowds... no tshirt cannon needed.

2006-07-29 17:36:41   Please consider the cost of the 7 "I {bike circle} Davis" shirts as donated. —GrahamFreeman

To Absent Friends! While we, as Davis Exiles, can't make it this time, we wish the best to all! (We actually considered going, but figured if we had anywhere near plane fare we should just donate it... and then the car died). We chipped in the pot, and raised a toast to all those involved in the fundraiser. Best of luck and enjoy the evening!Sarah and JabberWokky

2006-08-16 19:57:25   did someone win my origami lessons? —MarieHuynh


1. More accurately: The set of wikis that run together and pool resources alongside Davis Wiki. Davis Wiki is the largest such project and individuals involved with Davis Wiki have made all important purchases thus far.