I often mention Davis Wiki off-hand and people say "what's that?". Invariably, I give a three paragraph answer that causes most people to stop paying attention. How would you sum up Davis Wiki in one or two sentences? Should any of these be the Davis Wiki Mission Statement?


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Davis Wiki is a cooperative website that the entire community builds, edits, and changes. —AlphaDog

It's a collaboratively edited website devoted to all things Davis. —KenBloom

Daviswiki will change your life —KrisFricke

Davis Wiki is like Thanksgiving with the family: everybody brings something to the table and fights incessantly. —AlphaDog

  • Haha, I like this one!

The only Davis multiplayer live journal. —ChristopherMckenzie

DavisWiki has been known to cause WikiAddikies. —SummerSong

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Davis —KenjiYamada

Davis' authoritative bathroom wall. (Anyone can add to it, it's fun to read, sometimes scandalous, and it can change the world.) —JaimeRaba

Davis Wiki is an open group of volunteers working on a free and publically owned encyclopedia about Davis. You should join and add an entry for (insert their favorite local topic). —JabberWokky

  • Even though this is two sentences, I like it the best.

I wish I was as cool as the Davis Wiki —KarlMogel

The 411 on the 530. —RobRoy

  • Doesn't 530 go all the way east to nevada and north to oregon? next up, ChicoWiki.org - arlen
    • I'm not Rob, but yes, it does.
      • Yeah Yeah Yeah, but Davis is the only part that matters. -RobRoy

Davis Wiki is why everybody else knows more about Davis than you do. -CarlMcCabe

  • Ha! I really like this one. After my first main month of randomized page browsing, I knew a ton of random stuff that made people constantly ask why and how I even knew it. I'd end up pointing this or that out around town and mentioning some random factoid. That would be also be a great slogan for flyers, Carl.

  • Davis Wiki - The easiest way to find makeout spots before the Freshman arrive.
  • Davis Wiki - The Virtual Deathstar
  • Davis Wiki - More addictive than crack.
  • Davis Wiki - For those too lazy to decide where they'll eat today.
  • Davis Wiki - Thousands of useful pages, and a few created by Michael Giardina.
  • Davis Wiki - It's like Robot Media, without... media... or robots.
  • Davis Wiki - Davis' largest movement for the local acquisition of Dim Sum.
  • Davis Wiki - Comparing the advertised pizza with a digital camera reality-shot since 2004.


A Davis resource that doesn't suck. -SteveDavison (from a Davis wiki flyer)

"Have you heard of / know what Wikipedia is? There is one for Davis." It has an obvious flaw I know, if they don't know what wikipedia is it takes more than a sentence to sum that up... —StevenDaubert

  • Daviswiki also has a different set of social norms from Wikipedia — JasonAller

    The next sentences his how wikipedia is npov and we encourage opinio —StevenDaubert

Flying cars, thrift stores, and the "discovery" of the new world; all in one big, on-going argument.

2008-08-17 01:48:10   Absolutely amazing. Why was this not mentioned at my orientation?! —ThanhVu

One view that is reasonable to derive but most regular wiki editors would probably disagree with is that "the purpose of the DavisWiki is to inform new Davis students of aspects of the Davis community" (here)

2009-05-09 13:42:02   The Davis wiki is an invaluable resource for newcomers to Davis as well as ongoing residents; best of all, it provides the opportunity to contribute to that resource yourself. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-31 08:02:35   Davis Wiki is not just a resource or a social networking site. We're not an online community. This is our community. —CurlyGirl26

Remembrances, anecdotes and stories from the actual people who lived and live here and participate in the events that encompass the community of Davis. As a primary source, we are what Wikipedia cites.

2010-06-05 22:56:02   The Davis Wiki is a collection of clear, consistent and informative cows sauteed by collaborating editors who all think in exactly the same cheese. —IDoNotExist

2010-06-05 23:31:42   The Davis Wiki is a story written by its own characters. —IDoNotExist

2010-06-06 08:26:11   A small breath of anarchy amongst the fascists. —JimStewart

It's like reading a video game strategy guide- lists of NPCs, places and events of importance, etc. :P —Quoted from a poster on The Straight Dope

2010-07-06 22:03:11   Daviswiki makes me feel like a real woman. —MasonMurray

2010-08-08 17:22:52   "It's like if wikipedia, craigslist, the yellow pages, and consumer reports were to have a drunken orgy and give birth to the most useful thing in the world, or at least the most useful thing in Davis." —PhilipNeustrom

Solid Daubert

Fabulous! —CovertProfessor

2010-08-19 17:26:10   Re: communicating with other editors: Email that you can rewrite after hitting send and realizing it could be interpreted poorly. —JabberWokky

The one place in Davis that is always open 24 hours a day, including holidays. — Wes-P

2010-09-28 23:58:14   Its sort of like Minecraft — simple structure, seemingly limitless possibility, highly addicting, a fair share of griefers, and cows. —jefftolentino

  • On second thought, maybe Minecraft is more like Daviswiki... —jefftolentino